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Don’t be Obi-Wan Kenobi

Trading can be a lonely sport. In my early years, I was a hermit. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi alone in a sea of sand with only Banthas and the occasional roving Jawas keeping me company. The solitude was nice, sure. But it wasn’t exactly an environment fostering growth and learning. When you’re the smartest, nay, theREAD MORE

Stock Report: Jan 14, 2017

  The earnings dance is about to begin. ‘Tis a quarterly ritual where companies large and small see if they can match the ever-changing beat streaming from the Street. To the trained observer it’s easy to spot the world-class performers versus the pretenders. After the fact, of course. Even grizzled veterans can’t accurately forecast whichREAD MORE

How Theta Raiders Trend Trade

Once upon a time I trumpeted the idea of trading the same stocks over and over again. With megaphone in hand, I’d ascend the soapbox for some preaching. “Hear ye, hear ye! Stop your nomadic wanderings and other time wasting adventures. There is no need to travel from well to well, I tell ye. AREAD MORE

Stock Report: Jan 7, 2017

Oh, Mr. Dow. You tease! The dash to 20K is turning into a freakin’ marathon. Friday’s pop came within a whisker of the coveted round number. We’ll all have to tune in next week to see if buyers can finally muster the requisite strength to touch the arbitrary milestone. In the meantime, let’s learn aboutREAD MORE

Selling Options, Low IV Notwithstanding

Oh, what a difference a year makes! Last January commenced with a swift kick to the bulls’ family jewels. ‘Twas a nasty, underhanded strike designed to deliver death. And it almost did! The S&P 500’s 11% puke over the first three weeks of 2016 was the worst start we’ve ever seen. Ever! What a nastyREAD MORE

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