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TJ 195: A Year in Review

2:45 Intro with the Justice Bros 8:21 Market moving up Like the Jeffersons 15:01 The Rise of Alternative Currency (Bitcoin) 21:12 Cashless Society 28:42 The Struggle in China 35:38 Clown of the Week/ Clown-shoes 54:13 Count your Blessings A year ago we made our predictions on the future of the markets. How did the coaches predictionsREAD MORE

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TJ 195: Being Normal Sucks! Interview with Trevor Evens

Intro: Tim Justice show introduction 2:06 Intrest rate hike and The Trump Boost 8:37 Money coming into Energy 9:35 Gold down Dollar up 10:55 Trevor Evens (Being Normal Sucks) 17:09 The road to Real Estate Investing “The first love is the sweetest, but the first cut is the deepest” 25:00 How can you get intoREAD MORE

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TJ 194: Interview with Jeff Crystal The Fed

2:04 Intro to Jeff Crystal 5:20 Mr. Crystals Journey 12:15 Things aren’t what they use to be (Black Swan Movement) 15:15 Intrest Raise Hike 24:40 Who is the Fed? 38:38 Who owns the Fed? 50:30 Who controls the Fed? 55:37 Think for yourself (Critical thought) 1:04:15 Volatility is back 1:13:07 Clown of the Week TheREAD MORE

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TJ 193: Interview with John Reilly

Intro: Podcast outline 5:20: Recap last year’s predicted 7:42: Market update 14:05: Forex report 23:50: John Reilly interview 30:43: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” 41:41: School ruins creativity 51:01: Let haters hate, just be great 57:45: Clown-shoe Entrepreneurship is a journey. Something that we find his mindset is key and success.READ MORE

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TJ 192: Book Club, Trading in the Zone, Josh Cole

Traders have faith in themselves. Traders understand that they cannot beat the market into submission. No way, the power of the market is too awesome for that. Instead, Traders have the faith that they are able to properly identify the opportunities that the market gives them, then of course act upon them. Intro: Welcome toREAD MORE

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TJ 191: Economic Theory with Robert Shannon

  Have you ever lost money due to a lack of knowledge of investing? Trust me, you are not alone. Many people face the same problem. Sometimes, not knowing what to do is the same as doing the wrong thing. Learning from the mistakes of others is a proven way to avoid unfavorable  situations. Intro:READ MORE

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TJ 190: An Interview with Tyler Craig

A trending topic with people that are new to trading is system development. We all agree a solid foundation is necessary for a stable house and system development is the foundation of every trading plan. Intro: Introduction to Tim Justice, welcoming long-time coach and stock trader Tyler Craig. 3:08: Healthcare and forward thinking 10:05: TheREAD MORE

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TJ 189: Middle America Speaks

The election’s finally over and we have a new president-elect. What might be next for the markets and the country now that Middle America has spoken? Matt, Noah, and Producer Cam get right to it on what happened in the markets during and after the election, and what may be in the future.   1:30READ MORE

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TJ 188: The Final Countdown

Earnings for the season are drawing to a close, as is the election. The market’s had a nine-day cold streak, but was it due to poor earnings or a particularly volatile election? Join Matt, Tim, and guest Noah Davidson as they take a look at the close of earnings season and the election. Welcoming Noah:READ MORE

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TJ 187: Catching a Falling Knife

Bullish markets can feel easier to trade than bearish ones; even if you enter a stock mid-run, you can still turn a profit. That’s not quite the case with bearish markets, as entering before the bottom of downward run can potentially be quite costly if not timed correctly. It’s almost like trying to catch aREAD MORE

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