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Tackle Today: 5 to 25

July 19, 2018

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“It takes five years to learn how to make money; and twenty-five to learn how to not lose it.”

Nassim Taleb said it last week on Facebook. The “how not to lose” part sparkled us some thoughts. We can handle it in many ways.

One of them is talking about hedging. We could also be talking about money management. Leverage fits well with the subject. Risk is a mandatory topic. Diversification is also asking for a share of the pie. Devaluation works in the shadow, together with dishonest people.

Making money is hard, however, you should see how hard it is to keep it safe, to protect it. The effort is much bigger, at least proportional to how much you have made.

Appearances can be deceiving, though. The keyword is not “losing”, but “time”. Time to learn to make, time to make it, time to learn how not to lose it, time spent in not losing it. The last component stretches way beyond our limited imagination as it comprises many generations to come.

Time is our worst enemy and best ally. Traders know it very well.

Chart of the Day

Sit Back or Fight

Time wears down the value of almost anything. Sometimes we can just sit back and watch the magic happening while pocketing profits. Option sellers and collectors are part of this group. Conversely, there is another group of people that have to fight back the passage of time by actively creating value over their assets. Business owners and traders who are accumulating wealth are part of this group.

Video of the day

Power of Cost Basis Reduction

Cost Basis Reduction, how using options can increase your probability of profit


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