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Welcome to Tackle Trading

Tackle Trading Trade Journal

One of the most important things you can do as a trader is to journal your trades.  This short video, is to explain how to use one of our tools, the Tackle Trading Trade Journal. At the bottom of this post, you can download the journal.  It’s what we use for our team to keepREAD MORE

Tackle Theta Research

Options 101 Video: Tackle Theta Research The spreadsheet at the bottom of this post is something you can download and use directly on your computer.  It’s a tool we’ve created, from years of experience, to make your life as a trader simpler, and more productive with your research. Researching Covered Calls is what we doREAD MORE

Option Report December 24th, 2016

The Options Report is a weekly report delivered to PRO members of Tackle Trading. In the options report, you’ll get information, guidance, education and content that will help you develop as a trader, and learn how to use options to protect, cash flow and speculate in the market. This week, Coach T spends time lookingREAD MORE

Picking a Good Covered Call

Philosophy of the Covered Call The Covered Call is a cash flow strategy that includes buying an equity in increments of 100 shares and selling call options against the underlying equity position for 1 contract for every 100 shares owned. Liquidity is an important factor, the options should carry enough liquidity for the trader toREAD MORE