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Options Report: March 3rd, 2017

The Options Report is a weekly report delivered to PRO members of Tackle Trading. In this report, you’ll receive information, guidance, education and content that will help you develop as a trader, and learn how to use options to protect, cash flow and speculate in the market. This week, Tyler Craig discusses how to scaleREAD MORE

The February That Was

Time for the second installment of our monthly retrospectives. If you missed last month’s, then your life is half as joyful as it should be and not nearly entertaining enough. So take a quick peek at January’s by clicking here. As mentioned in my prior missive these monthly delights are meant to be retrospectives whereREAD MORE

Stock Report: Jan 28th 2017

  Like a drug, charts can be both used and abused.  When used correctly drugs can put you in calm, serene state.  When used improperly they can make you fidgety, unstable, and sometimes paralyzed.  Charting plays out in a similar fashion.  It’s ironic that price charts bring clarity to some while sowing confusion for others. READ MORE

Was Silver Ever Bullish?

Hat tip to Derek for bringing up today’s topic in the clubhouse. I think the query of whether or not silver prices were bullish in 2016 merits further investigation. Fascinating points were made all around, and I can’t help but throw my thoughts into the ring. The entire discussion boils down to two key points:READ MORE

The Santa Claus Rally

Ho ho ho! I’m Santa, and I’m a friend to investors one and all. Matter of fact, I’m probably their best friend. My loyalty is unmatched. I deliver more gifts to stock holders than any other fictional, mythical figure. Kids – Go ask your parents to define fictional and mythical. Hint: it means Santa isREAD MORE

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