Gino Poore The Theta Maker

Gino has been actively trading for over 19 years and has been an instructor since 2006. He is a student of the courses that originated from 1998 under Spread Traders Edge, which has now evolved into Rich Dad Education. He manages and trades many accounts using stock, options, futures, commodities & forex. Gino teaches and uses in his managed accounts over 30 strategies that our curriculum teaches. In his 12 years as a stock mentor, he has mentored over 400 students individually. Gino has received accolades on numerous occasions as “Mentor of the Year” and “Most Diversified Mentor.” Gino produced Rich Dad’s first “Trading Hall of Fame” student. Gino is one of the few that trades and teaches Portfolio Margin risk management, which is mostly trading with very large accounts and involves elite options trading skills known as Hedge Fund Trading.

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