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How to Manage a Risk Reversal

December 8, 2016


Want to know how I would have managed the bullish risk reversal trade on X from last weekend’s commodity report? Feast yer eyes on this:

10 Replies to “How to Manage a Risk Reversal”

  1. Kody Potter Kody Potter says:

    Excellent video. Opens my eye to even more options with options! Haha

  2. Joseph S. Joseph S. says:

    Love those risk free trades! Awesome stuff, thanks Tyler!

  3. ERICSIMMS says:

    Great tip on how to trade smart!

  4. RickMiddlemass says:

    Great post.

  5. IMENTEKPERE says:

    That’s dope!

  6. Nicholas Kingsbury Nicholas Kingsbury says:

    Your one hell of a man. Thank you for doing what you do.

  7. Adam Barr Adam Barr says:

    great report Tyler Love it!!!

  8. BONNIELEAHY says:

    Neat! Thanks.


    That’s a Wow! So elegant and smart. Good one, Tyler.

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