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Morning Market Report for Monday February 12th, 2018

February 12, 2018

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The Morning Market Report is part of your 7 Step Process to Successful Trading by:

  • helping you start at the top of the markets,
  • choosing a trading strategy, and
  • finding and analyzing potential trades.

This report focuses on short-term swings in the market (especially overnight futures movements) that can help you best begin you trading morning. In this daily report, you’ll receive:

  • a summary of major market news,
  • the list of that day’s economic calendar,
  • information regarding the major markets indexes,
  • industry sector performance,
  • major commodities,
  • world currencies. and
  • links to useful sites and/or stories.

So don’t start trading uninformed; add the Morning Market Report to your daily routine.


Economic News

  • Japan’s Honda to recall 350,000 cars in China over engine issue – The recall involves the CR-V sport utility vehicle and the Civic car equipped with a 1.5-litre turbo engine, Honda’s joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd (HK:0489) said in a statement on Monday.

Major Index Futures

  • Market Overview – Friday the markets might have finally hit their low and rebounded. The Nasdaq and the Dow Jones industrial average both posted gains of 1.4%, while the S&P 500 added 1.5%, and the small-cap Russell 2000 rose 1%. Volume was emphatically higher on the Nasdaq and on the NYSE as well.
  • S&P 500 futures-  2,637 – slightly bearish and volatile, markets are under the 50-MA and testing their respective 200-MA, expect wild swings as the market decides on a direction.
  • Dow 30 futures 24,333 –– slightly bearish and volatile, markets are under the 50-MA and testing their respective 200-MA, expect wild swings as the market decides on a direction.
  • Nasdaq 100 Futures6,463— slightly bearish and volatile, markets are under the 50-MA and testing their respective 200-MA, expect wild swings as the market decides on a direction.
  • SmallCap 2000 futures 1475 – slightly bearish and volatile, markets are under the 50-MA and testing their respective 200-MA, expect wild swings as the market decides on a direction.
  • Charts Below are 2-Month Daily 


  • Gold – $1321 – sideways, resistance above 1370, support at 1300,
  • Silver -16.390 -sideways, near 17, silver is going sideways
  • Crude Oil – $59.88 – slightly bearish, oil fell hard yesterday again and is near the 50-MA
  • Natural Gas – $2.563 – slightly bearish, selling off, support at 2.5, resistance at 3, and then at 3.4
  • Charts Below are 2-Month Daily


  • Bearish Sectors – During this correction in the market everything is bearish.
  • The charts below show how the sectors did yesterday and the 5-day sector performance. 

  • The chart below shows the last 20 days of sector performance 
  • 2-month charts of key sector ETF’s

  • Key Industries ETF 2-month charts


  • USD – $90.27 – slightly bearish  The US dollar surged early just prior the US bank open, but hit resistance at just below 90 on the dollar index before giving up most of its gains.
  • The Charts Below are 3-Month Daily

  • Cryptocurrency 1-month Charts
  • Crypto’s explained in 4 minutes Click Here…
  • Bitcoin – bearish – recovering in the last week nicely

  • Bitcoin Cash- slightly bearish -recovering in the last week nicely

  • Ethereum – slightly bearish – Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is recovering in the last week nicely

  • Litecoin – slightly bearish – recovering in the last week nicely

Tackle Trading 25

  • Welcome to the new Tackle Trading Covered Call List for 2018
    • For Slightly Bullish Trends
      Naked Puts, Covered Calls, and for stocks over $100 Bull Put Spreads
    • For Neutral Trends
      – Iron Condors are great for stagnant stocks
    • For Slightly Bearish to Trends 
      – deep-in-the-money covered calls or Bear Call Spreads for stocks over $100
    • (be careful with overly aggressive directional trades like Shorting or buying Puts)

Trading Thoughts

  • Neutral Market Posture – Stocks are trying to decide on a direction, futures point to a strong open by market swings have been the norm lately and the VIX remains historically high. Be cautious traders.

Bearish                                                      Neutral                                                       Bullish

-3                         -2              -1                   0                   +1                    +2                    +3


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Hector Duenas Jr. started his trading journey during the height of the tech bubble in 2001 as part of the 90% that loses money in the stock market.

A Rich Dad conference in 2016 changed his life and now he writes the Morning Market Reports, the Market Scoreboard, blogs, and appearances on the Coaches Show and the Cashflow Club for Tackle Trading. Hector specializes in cash-flow strategies such as Covered Calls on the Tackle 25 Watchlist, the Personal Gold System, Cashflow Condors, and speculating on Futures.

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2 Replies to “Morning Market Report for Monday February 12th, 2018”

  1. joseacamacho says:

    How do you take decisions based on the screenshot shown for the Tackle Trading 25? I never understand that part of the report. There are 3 types of strategies listed and then the screenshot, but no guidance on which sttrategies match for each stock on the list. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jose,

      Daily analysis of the market allows you to develop something we call ‘market posture’. Essentially, you can form an opinion about what’s happening and how to best trade it in that environment. The Tackle 25 is a watch list that we build to trade from. As the markets change, these stocks will also change, and you can enter trades based on their independent entry points. The report is not offering any guidance on which strategies to use on the Tackle 25 watch list. They are used independently by traders. The report = analysis. The 25 = candidates.

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