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Friday Feature: My Who Part II

March 15, 2019

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Who I trade with is an important part of my success.

Beth Salamanca —

Who I trade with is an important part of my success. My mentor recommended that participate in a trading community like Tackle Trading, and have a trading partner.

I immediately got a trading partner. Enter my long-time friend and multi-millionaire, JPL. She has “old money” and is very conservative. She is really fantastic on subjects like long stock and life experience but has no options trading experience to speak of. Then out of the blue, someone from our Tackle Trader community contacted me and asked me to be her trading partner. That someone was Wendy. What a gift! We kibitz, review trades, discuss strategies, and compare notes on what we hear on Tackle Trading. We also talk real estate. I’m so lucky. Wendy is bright, enthusiastic, and much smarter than me. I receive an incredible benefit from having a Tackle Trading Partner. Here’s Wendy looking good. You may see here at Tackle events. Thank you, Wendy!

A month or two ago I got a nice email from Emily Muiruri. Many of you know Emily is the co-sponsor of the Women In Trading (WIT) online group. She said the WIT group was going to start Mastermind groups and would I participate. I told Emily I’d be thrilled. Three weeks ago we had our first WIT mastermind group. Fifty women from all over the world participated. Five women Tackle Traders appeared on a video panel to share their stories. It was so great to see their faces and hear their experiences. Wendy, my training partner, was there too. The simple fact that somebody I knew was participating made so much more fun. We were also introduced to the “Godmother of Trading,” Silvia Cooke. More on that to follow.

With Matt Justice

Last week, Tim Justice texted me and said his brother, Matt, was going to be in Philadelphia teaching a Basic Trading class and could I meet him there. Told Tim I’d try and that I was in Connecticut tending to my 87-year old dad who recently had strokes. Fortunately, the planets aligned so I could get to the Philadelphia event.

I arrived in time for the last two hours of the class. I was met at the door by someone who recognized me from the Elite Legacy Hall of Fame video. He called me by name and showed me where the class was. This was Marques Johnson. He brought me into the classroom where Matt was teaching. Matt told me to come right up front, gave me a big hug, and asked me to share my trading experience. It was like old home week. What a warm reception! Then, I got to hear Matt teach. Though I’ve heard him many times before on Tackle events, it was great to hear him in person. I got to hear some Justice family stories. Matt told me how their Grandmother wacked 10-year old Matt with a rake for being mean to Tim as kids. Ouch! Aside from Tim, Matt, and Mark, did you know there were four more Justice kids? Enough to field their own basketball team!

With Silvia Cooke

Then guess who I met? Silvia Cooke, the “Godmother of Trading!” Wow!! There she was in real life. We chatted and got to know each other. I got a massive dose of motivation. She was so knowledgeable! Also, wise beyond her years, upbeat, and fun. What a nice coincidence, after hearing about her on the WIT mastermind. She told me her amazing story of having traded for 25 years while commuting from Seattle to Legacy classes, from the classes to tend to her aging mom in Gettysburg, and all this while raising a family. She shared what trades were working (check out Tackle’s Dirty Sexy Money), and that she put her son through college by trading while she had downtime in the classroom. Absolutely incredible.

I also met Jeff Schiding from Tennessee. He is an Elite Legacy Coach. Jeff introduced me to some of the students, who picked my brain. I really appreciated getting a chance to share my learnings with students. One student I met was Varnel N. Varnel is a podiatrist in the Philadelphia area. He had to work two of the three days of the class so missed quite a bit. We talked about how we could make up that time, using the Tackle Trading learning tools. Tackle has an amazing library of courses and social media resources. I hope we’ll see Varnel in the classes, chats, and other events Tackle.

Looking forward expanding my trading network, as we “learn while we earn” at Tackle Trading and WIT!

Beth Salamanca,
Trader. Investor. Life Long Learner.

Beth Salamanca is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer and US Marine. She’s traveled to 77 countries and uses this experience to support her investing. She trades stocks, options, futures and commodities. Under Tim Justice’s mentorship, Beth was inducted to Elite Legacy Education’s prestigious Hall of Fame in 2018.

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5 Replies to “Friday Feature: My Who Part II”

  1. Avatar EllenHodgson says:

    I love Silvia. She convinced me to sign up and gave me her personal contact info. I don’t think any other person in that classroom could have set me on the right path because I was very skeptical of another sales pitch.
    I would love to have a trading partner. I don’t know how to find one. I do not know anyone who wants to put the time and effort in to learning financial markets. I joined the WIT webinar and they talked about setting up local networks but I haven’t heard back from them. I think Tackle Trading has the ability to help find trading partners and create local communities. If there is already a community in Salt Lake County I would love to know about it. Otherwise, I would like to get one started. I think it would be really helpful to have people to talk with on a regular basis. The Tackle Team is great at responding to my emails, but it’s not the same as picking up the phone or meeting with a group in person.

    1. Avatar WendyDulin says:

      Hi Ellen – When I saw an article about Beth on the Tackle website, I reached out to her to ask about being a trading partner. I was thrilled by her enthusiastic response and have loved our weekly conversations ever since. I suggest you reach out to someone. Perhaps one of the women who hosts WIT.

  2. JimGuanzon JimGuanzon says:

    Great Post Beth! Inspiring and great advice to get a trading partner. This is now one of my immediate goals for 201!
    Cheers Jimbo

  3. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

    Hi Silvia, “Godmother of Trading”. I like it! Good to see your picture here.


  4. tprince.tgc81 tprince.tgc81 says:

    Great story Beth! Thanks for sharing. I too had the pleasure of meeting Emily and Silvia here in Chicago and they were a big part of the decision making for me in my current situation. Great Women, Great Leadership, Great team of people. A group of us from the class decided to be each others’ accountability partners, this article is a good encouragement to keep it going. Congrats on making the Hall of Fame! I hope to be good enough to make a “Hall of Fame” for trading one day!!

    Tanya P.

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