9 Replies to “Rockin’ Coaches’ Intro Video!”

  1. LukeBrueggemann LukeBrueggemann says:

    Hoorah! *Clapping* Let’s hear it for the coaches!!!

  2. The happy hipster approves.

  3. Thomas Hammonds Thomas Hammonds says:

    That just made my Day!!

  4. Kody Potter Kody Potter says:

    Made me smile! Way to go Coach D!!

  5. BradSmith says:

    Awesome, right on guys


    Lotsa’ fun on this one.

  7. DavidRoyar says:

    Noah keep it coming. You have too keep it fast and furious now with the new wife!!!!! Talk to you soon after options 2.

  8. JoanNee says:

    So much fun to watch! Love you all!

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