Cash Flow Condors

Iron Condors are ideal for generating cash flow. This proper trading system has been optimized for profits & sound risk management.

Finally, a simple Cash Flow System that you can trade with absolute confidence, that has an unbelievable track record, and takes less than an hour a month to execute.

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9 modules, 9 sessions, 2+ hours of GREAT content!

Every month you get to sit down to learn how to apply the techniques taught in the course with extensive Q&A at the end of each session and perpetual reinforcement and support.

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The 3 Secrets

Secret #1

How to generate high probability cash flow by selling options.

Secret #2

How to master your confidence with just one power strategy.

Secret #3

How to make great returns with only one trade per month.

Meet Your Instructor
Course Content

Coach Tyler Craig

Tyler Craig is a member of the Chartered Market Technician Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation (CMT). His entire adult life has been dedicated to helping individuals learn how to trade as an elite instructor and personal mentor.

Course Content
Cash Flow Condors teaches you:
  • Module 1: Orientation. A brief overview of the Cash Flow Condors system.
  • Module 2: Strategy Foundation 101.
  • Module 3: Strategy Foundation 202.
  • Module 4: Trade Walk Through. Learning is one part acquisition, two parts application.
  • Module 5: Risk Management. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  • Module 6: Hedging. Sometimes Iron Condors don’t fly right.
  • Module 7: Volatility. Time to learn the true meaning of implied volatility.
  • Module 8: Tips and Tricks. We’ve saved the best for last.
  • Module 9: Trade Tracker. Measuring performance is paramount.

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Cash Flow Condors MasterMind Group

This exclusive MasterMind Group is dedicated to mastering the Iron Condor options strategy. In these sessions, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of this powerful technique, offering comprehensive insights into risk management, trade execution, and maximizing profit potential. Our expert facilitators will share their proven strategies and tactics honed through years of experience in the options market. Whether you’re new to options trading or seeking to enhance your proficiency, join us as we unlock the secrets to effectively employing the Iron Condor strategy and achieving consistent success in your trading endeavors.

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