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Tackle Today: Immortality

October 2, 2019

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Tackle Today: Immortality (Photo by Rahul from Pexels) | Tackle Trading

« We don’t say goodbye. »

Together, Hydrogen and Helium make up 99.99% of known matter in the Universe. The very basic chemical components of everything we know and don’t know yet.

How is it possible that elementary components like H and He combine themselves into us humans, for example? Iron, Carbon, Oxygen, the formation of complex life.

By death. Death of the stars to be more precise. It is inside the furnace of a dying star that those two combine themselves into complex structures under unimaginable temperature and pressure levels. The star collapses unto itself. The components are released into the ether. They are free to form complex life.

Death is a necessary process.

But humans don’t like it. Personal beliefs, egoism or convenience, whatever the case is, we avoid death. That is why people like Ray Kurzweil discuss reaching human immortality by 2050 on YouTube.

Did it ever cross our minds WHY Mother Nature never granted us the gift of immortality?

Because death is a necessary process not only for the propagation of energy and chemicals but also because resources are scarce. Real economists know it by heart. How to deal with it?

Central bank geniuses are always one step ahead. Negative interest rates and abundant liquidity in oppose to a scarce one. Problem solved. Or, perhaps, unknown problems created.

Are we making humans, governments, and corporations too big to fail?

We survived as species due to the death of individuals. Are we paving our way to a massive collective failure due to the immortality of a few?

We will never know. The future will always be opaque however immortal we might become.

I make my journey through eternity
I keep the memory of you and me

Chart of the Day

The three types of large corporations

According to Nassim Taleb, there are three types of large corporations:

  1. Those about to go bankrupt.
  2. Those that are bankrupt and hide it.
  3. Those that are bankrupt and don’t know it.

Immortality seems to come in many flavours, I suppose.

Video of the day

Ray Kurzweil: Immortality by 2045

In this 2013 video, Ray Kurzweil discusses his predictions about radical life extension, singularity, life expansion and the imminence of physical immortality.

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