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Tackle Today: The Art of Money Management 💵

March 5, 2019

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≈ A simplistic approach to Position Sizing. ≈

Position Sizing (a.k.a. Money Management) is one of the most important skills—if not THE most important—any trader should master in order to become a full-fledged PRO. It should be the first thing taught to anyone who wants to approach the financial markets for the first time.

Here at Tackle, this topic is so important that in the System Development 101 training series, the position sizing calculations is the first thing we teach our students how to perform when running the numbers to see if they are going to trade a certain asset or not.

There is no rocket science behind the Position Sizing theory. In fact, it is so simple that you will probably be offended by its simplicity and want to walk away immediately. The entire theory is solely based on two principles. We can still play with words, do some mind-stretching exercises, invent rhetorical games, develop some integrals and win the next Nobel Prize, but we are still going to find only two principles at the end of the rainbow:

Principle #1: You don’t know the future.

Principle #2: You can claim you know the future, but you can still be wrong about the outcome of the event, both in its nature and impact.

Two pillars, two cornerstones, two intrinsic, inseparable and absolute principles at its very core.

We are dedicating the March edition of the Trading Justice newsletter to this topic and nothing else. In the next couple of days, you will receive the “Holy Trinity of Trading Part II: Position Sizing” (gorgeously designed) PDF in your inbox for free.

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Chart of the Day

Position Sizing Infographic

Chart of the Day - Position Sizing Infographic

This infographic took from the System Development 101 training series, represents a reverse engineering process: traders will start to qualify their trades from the point where everything goes terribly wrong, i.e. from the point where the position will move against them and they will lose money.

Video of the day

What is Position Trading

Position Trading refers to a long-term type of trading, either speculative or based on fundamentals, that a trader holds from weeks to months.

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