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Friday Feature: Why I Left My 200K Job to Pursue Financial Freedom

March 8, 2019

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Perhaps, by being an outsider myself to the corporate world, I can be on a new path to create a life outside of the mainstream and to live by my own definition of what real success means.

Pearl Li —

I once told my mentor with Elite Legacy Education that helps people gain financial freedom through investing “Out of 24 hours a day, the time that belongs to me to spend however I want is only 2 hours a day!! Lower than 10%. 8 Hours allocate to sleep, 3 hours getting ready for work including shower, eating and getting ready, 1-hour commute both ways, the rest is all working. How is this NOT slavery??” My mentor said, “At least you are getting paid well, most average families live like this only getting paid a fraction of what you make.” I replied, “To be barely kept alive and never allowed to really live?” I heard my own voice quivering with emotion and had to pause a bit to let the silence take hold.

My mentor signed a bit and said, “Keep trading, you will get there!” Her voice was half sympathetic to me, yet half reassuring in confidence. She knew what was like to be in a tough spot. She once was a stay at home wife, hit with enormous medical debt with a husband, the sole provider of their household that was fighting through cancer. She never thought she would be an incredible trader/investor, after all, she did not have an occupation. Yet, trading brought her abilities and discipline to a mastery level. I see now that there is a difference between pursuing a job versus pursuing real wealth.

It has been 3 years since that conversation. I joyfully said goodbye to my corporate job and fell in love with my life! The memories of how I used to work is now fading. Even my physical body responded so well to the change. All my headaches are now gone. My hair is shinier, my skin glowed and my overall energy level increased. I have met critics of my decision, who are puzzled by what I did. After all, leaving a seemingly lucrative job at Amazon is not something to be taken lightly. I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to do so. I know so many seemingly well-paid corporate workers, who simply cannot leave their paycheck, regardless of how unhappy they may be. There is a toll on them more than money can compensate.

To be fair, I didn’t always regard the corporate job as “Suffering in silence”. I had about 5 years in my corporate career that I loved. The most potent ingredient of this motivation came from inspiring leadership that earned my trust and provided incredible learning opportunities for me. In return, I put in the time and the diligence willingly while feeling uplifted in my spirit to be a creator. However, I’m afraid those days are now gone. We live in an era of fear-driven corporate environment. Most people managers are ill-qualified to manage people. They fail to understand that what drives high performance from humans are not numbers but positive emotions. That extra ounce of energy, motivation, and diligence is the most honest expression of the team’s trust in a leader.

Book: The Outsiders

I once read a book called, “The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success”. It showcased some of the rarest leaders, who may seem too “down to earth”, selfless, and ordinary by what stereotypically describes a “High Powered” position to exhibit some of the most extraordinary strength in character that welded them incredible influence over their peers to deliver results while winning people to their side. However, those characters rarely get highlighted in the media. Like the title of this book, good leaders are rare, like outsiders. They are the exceptions to the mainstream.

Perhaps, by being an outsider myself to the corporate world, I can be on a new path to create a life outside of the mainstream and to live by my own definition of what real success means. I am more hopeful than ever that my life will manifest things outside of expectations.

This post serves as an extended notice to my network and the general public about my curious developments. For those that would like to follow me periodically, you are welcome to subscribe to my post. I hope to serve as a window to enrich your thoughts on financial freedom and occasionally say things that you can’t say while being employed.

The Theta Finder. In the Making. Pearl previously has been a product management professional for more than 10 years working at well-known companies such as Amazon and Nielsen Company. She took the leap in 2016 with Elite Legacy Education to learn about building long term wealth through financial market trading/investing. In 2018, Pearl happily left her job to pursue investing/trading fulltime producing theta style trading that generates monthly cashflow. She is thrilled to be a voice on the Tackle Trading platform to share her transformation as she goes through various phases of her growing experience.

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11 Replies to “Friday Feature: Why I Left My 200K Job to Pursue Financial Freedom”

  1. Avatar EllenHodgson says:

    Hi Pearl,
    I relate to your story. I am on the same path to financial and personal freedom. I have a great job and career, but I am not satisfied working hard to make others wealthy. I want to work for myself and benefit my family. I am holding on to hope as I go through this process that it truly works. I want to believe that it is possible, but I have to be vigilant to prevent negative thoughts of failure from sabotaging my efforts. The human brain produces about 30,000 negative thoughts per day, so it can be exhausting to counter all of those negative thoughts with positive affirmations; some days I am better at this than others. I’ve listened to a lot of theory lessons and personal stories over the past 2 1/2 months of this journey. I would love to see real results–actual true-life results. I know there are numerous variables involved, but what does it take to be successful at trading? Do other traders make 6-figure incomes or 7-figures incomes? Do they have 7-figure portfolios or greater? I am putting in a lot of effort and money to learn or die trying. I would love to see what is possible–what does it take to defy the odds? Whenever I speak with a financial adviser I want to yell (with Tom Cruise), “Show me the money!” Not because money is everything, but rather because I want to know that the person can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. There is a common saying that goes, “If you cannot do, teach!” I seems like those teaching are trading, but are they successful at trading? People are afraid to talk about results because results differ based on circumstances and a lot of variables, but I need and want to know what is possible–something to strive for and push myself to achieve. Is it daydreaming to think that I can replace my income and build a sizable portfolio? The world tells me it is not possible and my brain tries to confirm that about 30,000 times per day. Let’s talk real-life results, even anonymously. I am not talking about average results; I don’t dream of becoming average. I am talking about above-average results and what it takes to get there. I think it would give hope and direction to those on this same path to freedom. “Show Me The Money!”

  2. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

    Dear Ellen,

    I totally understand what you are going through. When I first started, my family, friends and closest loved ones all thought I was crazy. Its been a couple of years, they don’t think I’m crazy anymore. Some of them are trying to learn from me. It’s like a psychological trick, once you believe it, it will open up a world of possibilities, but most people are told 30,000 times, this way of living doesn’t exist, so it’s natural that your brain will be brainwashed to think it’s not possible.

    I did it as an experiment, I wanted to see for myself and judge the potential for myself. I don’t want anyone to tell me what is possible. Here I am, I’ve cash flowed positive for more than 12 months now. I left my 200K job because I now believe the potential is great. I’m not at 7 figures yet, but I believe I will be. The power of your beliefs changes everything.

    I wanted to share my story not as a big success already made, but an incremental discovery of growth and mindset change. I call it “Pearl in the Making”.

  3. OctavioDubois OctavioDubois says:

    Pearl, Thanks for sharing, GREAT Story, I totally relate to it, different circumstances, but at the end facing that decision (to actually make a commitment to change) my life and burn the bridge to become a trader and make a life, i am working towards it, practicing, learning and feeling ALL of the emotions (sometimes embracing them, sometimes overcoming them). Hope to read more of you.

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:


      When I mentored with Tim Justice a couple of years ago, he told me, “Just keep trading, keep practicing, every aspect of your life will change…you’ll see.” I still remember it to this day. I now share this with you. Everything is a natural occurrence. When its time to take the leap, you’ll just know.


  4. Avatar SUELATHAM says:

    Hi Pearl,
    I love your analogy of the bridge. In the Jewish tradition we have a beautiful and soulful nigun or melody that says:

    Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tsar m’od v’haikar lo l’fached klal: The whole world is a narrow bridge, but the essence, (really… the crux of the matter), is not to be afraid. (Rabbi Chaim Nachim of Breslav)

    Im a mom of four kids, three of them with special needs and I had to stop working more than 10 years ago because their care came first and in many ways still does — so I don’t work a full time job.

    Trading futures allows me to spend a several hours a day doing something I am passionate about which is a total contradiction to the rest of my life.

    Can you point to any “daily practices” that are important in your quest for the best mindset that helps you maintain that positive cash flow every month. I’d love to hear what inspires you.

    All Best

  5. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is very touching to hear your devotion to being a good mom. Like a lot of people, I have felt lost, anxious and even depressed from circumstances that seemed out of my control in the past. When I made the choice to be a trader, I knew this was not an easy path, I was ready to be resilient because I felt all the pain that passed through me will make me last in this new profession.

    Several years ago, I started practicing Kundalini Yoga, which I still do before bedtime and in the morning. Just 10 mins of breathing, stretching, and chanting made a huge difference over time with my temperament. I had to remind myself to do something really different when I am too fixated in trading. I would try to detach, go outside, attend my ballet class or simply meditate to come back to a different state of mind. There are many ways to practice self-care, this is just what I do. Hope you will find what brings you joy and stick to it to make it a daily practice.

  6. Avatar EllenHodgson says:

    Thank you for your feedback Pearl. I would like to follow you. Are you on Twitter or Instagram?
    Also, I would love to know more about your journey, especially what you think worked well and what you would have changed to make the process faster, smoother, better. How do I work smarter, not harder, to get to the point you are at now? There is so much content at Tackle Trading and Legacy Education that I am struggling to know what to do first. Where should my focus be and what shows, labs, blogs can wait? What would you do differently if you could go back and start over?

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      Hi Ellen,

      I am not on Twitter or Instagram. Too much social media for me. I decided to be a trader first, not a marketer. However, I am on LinkedIn as my primary platform to connect with people. You can find me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pearlli/

      If you connect with me on LinkedIn, I am also happy to add you to my network.

    2. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      To answer the other half of the question of what I would do differently. This is a great questions. I would definitely simplify, stop doing too many things at once. Just do one thing really really well will make you a millionaire already. Follow the rules that mentors teach you exactly. I would of saved a lot of time, energy and capital if I followed the system they teach exactly and stop the self sabotage behavior as a better student.

      I still struggle with this today as well…its a lifetime improvement for me on that end. To just follow the rules and don’t over think, over analyze and over trade.

  7. Avatar KellyOgrady says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Pearl. Sounds like you had a great mentor to motivate and encourage you. That’s what I need. I haven’t had the trading results I was hoping for and am super frustrated. I know I can do it, just need a kick in the pants. Can you tell me who it was so I can see if she can help me too?

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I know how frustrating this can be. I traded at a consistent loss for 1.5 years before I ever was able to make a profit. I define myself as someone that have absolutely “No beginners luck”. I currently mentor students as well, if you think its time for you to get some help, I can try to see if I am the right person at this stage of your development. The tackletrading coaches all can mentor people as well, you can reach out to them as well. The mentor I mentioned in the article is from Legacy education. I don’t know if you are a current student with them.

      You can send me a message here to connect further: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pearlli/

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