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Women in Trading – 2018 Tackle Goals

January 11, 2018

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Hello Tackle Traders,

Your girl Jess is back to kick off the first post of the year for Women in Trading. And because the new year is time for resolutions, I wanted to bring you all a little something to help you stick with them!!!

All of you probably experienced the feeling of getting to March and realizing “What in the world happened to the plan I had set up in January?” We all have been there and have done that. So let’s change this frigging pattern. This is why I created something very special for all of you! A Tackle Trading Planner! It is a short and easy to use version so you don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure it out, so I really hope you put your hands on it.

I made a short video explaining everything you need to know about it, but if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

The planner starts with a 2017 quick review so you can write down all the went right and what not so much, moving into goals setting for 2018, trading strategies, watchlists and much more!

The digital version of the planner is not editable on purpose. I wanted to shift us from the screen back to paper because personally, I found out that this is a much more succesful approach for me, so give me a chance to prove you guys that it works! You can download the PDF HERE  and print it as an 8.5 x 11″ single sided page. If you do enjoy it and use it, please take photos and let me know through the hashtag #2018TackleGoals . I would love to see you all giving this a try and putting down your goals and thoughts onto paper.

Check the video below and let me know your thoughts about it.



Happy New Year and here to an amazingly productive 2018 Tackle Traders!

Jéssica Marinho

2 Replies to “Women in Trading – 2018 Tackle Goals”

  1. ShaunRoss ShaunRoss says:

    This is very cool! Love the planner. Thanks for creating and sharing it with us. 🙂


    Nicely done, Jessica. Thank you.

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