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Tackle Today: You are not a machine

July 11, 2018

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You don’t need to have 12 systems going on. If you got ONE or maybe TWO right, firm, down to Earth, straight to the point, and they are consistently making money, maybe not HUGE amounts of it, but nonetheless cash flowing, growing your account little by little, mitigating risks, managing losses like a PRO with your head (not with your liver), trading not praying, well, you better STAY with these one or two systems for a very long time.

If you start building a system for every pattern, strategy or opportunity out there under the sun, you will profit from none. Too many strategies, too many concepts, too many market postures, too many rules to follow, too many trades going on and too many losing positions.

You will burn.

Keep it simple and aim for efficiency. You are not a machine.

Chart of the Day

Normal vs. Paranormal distribution

Trading is filled with uncertainties. You’ll never gonna know whether your positions are going to make money or not. So, working with probabilities is much better than predicting the future. This is where a normal distribution graph will help you. But not if you have 12 systems running at the same time, in which case your distribution graph will look pretty much like the second one.

Video of the day

TJ Market Skyline

This popular segment can be the most valuable minutes you invest in yourself each week. Don’t miss the coaches input on the market and events impacting your portfolio.

Trading Justice Podcast

Trading Justice Episode 277 – Enhancing System with Dividends

Episode 277 of the Trading Justice podcast features system design. Host Matt and Tim justice invite system designer Greg Holmes to talk about the how to enhance your systems with dividends


Today’s Lineup

Coaches Lounge 11am EST

Join the coaches in this live lounge, ask questions, discuss ideas or just sit back and listen to veteran traders discuss market conditions.


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PRO Tackle 25 Master Mind Group – 8:30pm EST

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