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Informal, Informative and fun. The Traders Lounge is a pro-member product designed to provide a daily relaxed atmosphere where students can join with coaches to talk the markets and get their questions answered. You have a question or comment about Tackle Trading products, what’s going on the markets, customer service related questions, market trends, or simply want to talk what you saw at the movies this weekend? Great, it is all on the table as we share our opinions and experiences that help us to be better traders. We look forward to hanging out with you there!

Come and join us in the Traders Lounge every weekday at 11:00 am EST. The Traders Lounge is an opportunity for you to interact with both your Coaches and your fellow traders.


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Forex Report December 14th, 2019

Much like the opening bell on the stock exchange, the bank open in the currency market can be an exciting time for trading with an influx of trading activity and an increase in the amplitude of price movement, which means that we can potentially take advantage of that price movement by taking some calculated risks in hopes of capturing some gains.

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