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Women in Trading: Give me some of that mojo!

September 19, 2018

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Olá Tackle Traders!!

Your girl Jess is back in the house! Sorry for being away for so long, but I’ve been busy with the team putting some amazing things together for you all.

With all of this craziness going on in my life, I always seem to have trading on the backburner and not give it as much attention as it deserves. For quite a long time I did nothing but that, and needless to say, it made my cashflow calendar look like a gigantic mess.

SO, after a lot of hit and miss, I did what our Coach Tim keeps urging us new-not-that-secure traders to do: I asked for help. Actually, I cried for help, like, ugly crying hahahaha. Luckily, my cry was heard in my tongue language by our one and only Coach Sisson. (#CoachSissonForTheWin). Many of you might think that Christian is just another good-looking Italian fella, but he is actually from the land where it’s 120° all year long! BRAZIL BABY! And maybe it was because of us being able to curse the market in the same language, or the fact that we are glad to not have to worry about instantly melting when opening a window every morning, but Christian actually understood my problem so so well that it felt like I was talking into a mirror.

The reason: He, himself, had worn my shoes once as well. I guess at some point, almost all of us traders feel like this. It is common to feel like “this is not for me”, or that “this thing is way too complicated” or that “I just suck in math, so how in seven hells can I calculate my risk?”. LoL.

The thing is, Christian had the answers to all my questions and BAM! There is now light where once there was nothing but darkness. VOILÁ! A SYSTEM! A BLOODY DAMN SYSTEM!

My main mistake as a new trader was always to go Rambo on strategies and trying to learn every single thing you can imagine. Just shooting everywhere and being glad if it ever hit something. Hundreds of hours and hours of study, dozens of notebooks, buckets of tears and I still felt so lost. But my friend, why shall you reinvent the wheel hm? YOU SHALL NOT!

Christian came to me with a backtested system that fitted not only my desperate need to put my trading in motion, but also one that fits my trading personality (Control freak, can’t day-trade for the life in me or will have a heart attack, planner addicted). We went through the four horsemen of the trading apocalypse:

 1. The “This time it will be different” mentality

 2. The “Analysis Paralysis” trap

 3. The “Button-clicking Phobia”

 4. The “Wait, not now” behavior

After that, we dove into the system. Our system is called Real State, as its made of Cash Secured Puts and Covered Calls. There is no fear of assignment, because to own the stock is a part of the system. Therefore, the name. We buy, we rent.

It took some time (and by some I mean a lot of time) for me to understand that at least at the early stages of my trading, I wasn’t capable of multitasking. Shocking. Me, as a woman who cooks, while drawing, while talking on the phone and watching a youtube video at the same time to not be able to multi-task-trading? But, it was my reality and I needed to learn from it.

Here are the reasons why having a backtested system in place saved me from the idleness in which my trading was.

• I had rules to follow.

• I had the certainty that the system was profitable.

• I knew I had someone to explain it to me.

• I felt safe.

Above is my Trading Supporting Team: Christian, Maya and Mia. All three of them heard me cry, yell and cheer more than they should.


In the way, I found my trading partner! Trading can get boring and lonely as it is nothing but clicking buttons form your computer while still wearing your PJs and drowning yourself in coffee, so here are my two pieces of advice to all of you Tackle Traders:



If you are not quite sure what you are doing yet, it is okay. Don’t panic. None of us did when we started. You can start with a backtested system yourself. We currently have four Systems at Tackle that you can use yourself. All of these have years of backtesting behind them, so choose one and roll with it untill you feel secure enough to develop your own (ooooooh we have some exciting news coming down the road that I cannot quite share with you yet, but I can guarantee, it will be a game changer to all of you traders who want to create your own Systems! Keep an eye on our announcements and make sure you are subscribed to our Daily News so you are the fisrt one to know what I am talking about ;).

If you want to give it a try, which I highly suggest, I would start with one of the systems below:

• Cash Flow Condors (Access it Here)

• Bear Market Survival Guide (Access it Here)

• Environmental Hedging (Access it Here)

• Tackle 25 (Access it Here)


That’s it for today guys.

Let me know in the comments if you are trading in a system already or if you need any help with that. 😉

See you soon,



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  1. Tyler Craig says:

    Loved it, Jess. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ekaranja29 says:

    Well done Jessica! You rock.

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