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Tackle Today: Earn while you learn

September 14, 2018

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≈ Trading for profits ≈

Learning to trade is a process. When you’re new, it can be intimidating to jump into the market. When you jump in, it can be emotionally difficult to learn how to win, lose and develop your skillsets. But, if you develop proper trading habits you should be able to trade with a positive expectancy, build a profitable business and use trading as the vehicle to add income to your life.

One of the fastest ways to do this is to trade profitable systems that have been designed and built by other traders. Cash flow systems are some of the best for you to start with. In no particular order, and not limited to this list, cash flow system examples include:

  • Covered Calls
  • Short Puts
  • Bull Put Spreads
  • Bear Call Spreads
  • Iron Condors
  • Time Spreads
  • Poor Boys Covered Calls

Of the systems above, it’s great to be able to focus on a few of them and build them into the market. Take one or two of these systems, and study them, learn them, and start using them in your trading. You should get lots of weekly trading candidates from the Stock, Options, Commodity and Forex reports from Tackle Trading. Once you have a good candidate, apply the right system, and start executing your vision.

Chart of the Day


AAPL has been on fire for quite some time. In the recent weeks, the bullish retracement, pivot trigger and then upward move were discussed at length by the coaches at Tackle Trading. Bullish Retracements are important patterns to learn to trade.

Video of the Day

Use the Tackle Portfolio Journal

Coach Tim talks about the importance of using a Portfolio Journal and covers how to use the Tackle Trading one for a more optimized experience.

Today’s Lineup


How (not) to Trade the MSCI EAFE and Emerging Markets Indexes

I’m an unabashed lover of Iron Condors. The Russell 2000 Index is my underlying of choice, but I’m certainly not opposed to unleashing the strategy on the S&P 500. What I’d really like is to have other Indexes that aren’t correlated to the Russell so that I can deploy multiple Cash Flow Condor systems without fear that they will all peck my eyes out simultaneously.

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Coaches Lounge 11am EST

Join the coaches in this live lounge, ask questions, discuss ideas or just sit back and listen to veteran traders discuss market conditions.


Cashflow Club Replay

If you missed last night’s episode where Coach Tyler talked about How to trade in your IRA or would like to watch it again, check it out here.

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Halftime Report 12:30pm EST

The Halftime Report starts at 12:30 EST and covers what news is driving the market, chart analysis from the movers and shakers of the day and fun in a way that only Matt and Tim can deliver.


Market Recap 4:30pm EST

The Market Recap is designed to give you a quick overview of the day that was. While brief, this report is designed to cover all of the major events that drove the markets that day and help you plan for the trading day ahead.


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  1. Avatar ROBERTMCKEE says:

    Thanks Christian,

    I’ve only been live-trading for a couple of months and I use all of these, and doing they all work very well.

    Yesterday I was perusing the Yahoo Finance page when I came across this article:


    So I’m supposed to send my financial advisor a thank you note for making 1.3% this past year? Really??

    Here’s a “little note” to all of my Tackle Trading Coaches: THANK YOU!!!

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