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Rookie Corner : The Foundation of Fundamentals Part Deux

Good Evening Budding Traders!   We are back to set the foundation for successful trading.  During our last meeting, we started to break down the concept of fundamental analysis.  This concept being, that we are able to use numbers to discern the value of company A versus company B.  Also, we use these same numbersREAD MORE

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Tales of a Technician: The PERFECT Strategy for Buying Dips and Selling Rips

Want to know which trading adage is as old as time? “Buy low, sell high.” It’s as intuitive as putting on pants in the morning. But as many traders quickly discover, saying the phrase is one thing, but successfully employing it is quite another. Fortunately, there’s an options strategy that does this automatically, without anyREAD MORE

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Options Theory: Baby Got Back(Testing) Part III: Execution

Welcome to the third and final installment of our series on backtesting. If you missed the first two be sure to check them out here and here. You selected a strategy and systematized it, and now you want to see how it would have performed. First question, what’s your look back period? You already knowREAD MORE

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Tales of a Technician: Ray Dalio and the Progress Formula

Ever wonder how a billionaire hedge fund manager defines progress? I have. All the time. It’s what I think about at night when sleep eludes me and sheep counting gets boring. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the answer when listening to an interview of Ray Dalio who is the founder of a Bridgewater Associates, a hedgeREAD MORE

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Rookie Corner: The Foundation of Fundamentals

Hola Goal-Setters!   I trust you all have your goals written down and reviewed.  I also trust that you have done the work to imprint those goals into your subconscious.  If you have done this then you are well on your way to success.   In the first few episodes of this Rookie Corner journey, weREAD MORE

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Environmental Hedging: The Good Love

How goes it folks, Well I cant say I am chiming back in at the happiest of times. Charles Bradly has passed, Tom Petty has passed and what took place in Las Vegas early this week does nothing short of bring tears to my eyes. And what is currently taking place in Puerto Rico isREAD MORE

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Tales of a Technician: The (Painful) September that Was

Today’s post continues a long line of retrospectives. But unlike its predecessors, this one is bound to bring pain instead of pleasure. And that, friends, is because September was my first losing month of the year. Was it because I was a dum-dum? Or was it simply because market conditions soured for my systems andREAD MORE

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Options Theory: Baby Got Back(Testing) Part II: How?

In the first part of our backtesting series (see here), we explored the what and why of the process. Today we get down to brass tacks and talk about how to go about backtesting. System Building Long before you can even venture into the backtesting arena, you have to create a system. Otherwise, you haveREAD MORE

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Making the leap away from paper trading – Part 1

I have a hectic life, I’m new to trading, and don’t want to lose money… Is this you? It was me, and in this post, I would love to share some thoughts and insights on what may be the most important decision new traders have to make. When to make the leap away from paperREAD MORE

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MODERNOMICS: Capitalism and Irony, Part Two

“Only in Congress do people adjust to economic adversity and growing deficits by spending more and more money.” – Thomas Sowell Howdy, gang! It’s that time of the week again and it looks like you’re stuck with me for as long as it takes you to power-read this blog! I want to thank you (allREAD MORE

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