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Don’t be Obi-Wan Kenobi

Trading can be a lonely sport. In my early years, I was a hermit. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi alone in a sea of sand with only Banthas and the occasional roving Jawas keeping me company. The solitude was nice, sure. But it wasn’t exactly an environment fostering growth and learning. When you’re the smartest, nay, theREAD MORE

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Commodity Report January 14th 2017

Has the Trump effect fizzled out?  What is going on with the greenback?  Good economic news or bad economic news?  So many questions, and we can add a few more to that list, like what is this going to do to our commodity space, or how should we position ourselves for the next move inREAD MORE

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How Theta Raiders Trend Trade

Once upon a time I trumpeted the idea of trading the same stocks over and over again. With megaphone in hand, I’d ascend the soapbox for some preaching. “Hear ye, hear ye! Stop your nomadic wanderings and other time wasting adventures. There is no need to travel from well to well, I tell ye. AREAD MORE

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Tackle Trading Trade Journal

One of the most important things you can do as a trader is to journal your trades.  This short video, is to explain how to use one of our tools, the Tackle Trading Trade Journal. At the bottom of this post, you can download the journal.  It’s what we use for our team to keepREAD MORE

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Tackle Theta Research

Options 101 Video: Tackle Theta Research The spreadsheet at the bottom of this post is something you can download and use directly on your computer.  It’s a tool we’ve created, from years of experience, to make your life as a trader simpler, and more productive with your research. Researching Covered Calls is what we doREAD MORE

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Selling Options, Low IV Notwithstanding

Oh, what a difference a year makes! Last January commenced with a swift kick to the bulls’ family jewels. ‘Twas a nasty, underhanded strike designed to deliver death. And it almost did! The S&P 500’s 11% puke over the first three weeks of 2016 was the worst start we’ve ever seen. Ever! What a nastyREAD MORE

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Journals, Systems and Discretion

Once upon a time I didn’t use a trade journal. Record my results? Nonsense. My brokerage statements tell me everything I need to know, fool. The mountains of money I made (or lost) is on full display in my beloved account statement. Then I got smart. I realized that the lessons hidden in my totalREAD MORE

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Commodity Report December 23rd 2016

This week the oil game continues and our friends, gold and silver, are getting no love.  Being that is it the giving season one would think that we can give some attention to the precious metals?  Not so much, the metals have been forgotten just like a 80’s WHAM cover band.  Natural gas appears toREAD MORE

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Was Silver Ever Bullish?

Hat tip to Derek for bringing up today’s topic in the clubhouse. I think the query of whether or not silver prices were bullish in 2016 merits further investigation. Fascinating points were made all around, and I can’t help but throw my thoughts into the ring. The entire discussion boils down to two key points:READ MORE

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The Art of the Reversal

Technical analysis is not a complicated study. It takes time and discipline but it is not difficult. It is the study of patterns of which we have been studying our entire lives. Patterns have a tendency to repeat themselves over and over and over until they stop. When they stop, this is the reversal. 1)READ MORE

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