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TJ 205: Rendezvous in the City of Angels

In Episode #205 of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt Justice has a sit down with his trading team while out in the Wild Wild West.  A great conversation with the whole team.  All this after an in-depth look at the markets with the Market Skyline brought to you by the Justice Bros. This one isREAD MORE

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TJ: 204 Book Club Show ‘Think & Grow Rich’

In Episode #204 of the Trading Justice Podcast, hosts Matt and Tim conduct a live podcast for our Book Club.  This month’s book was the classic 1937 work by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.  In Hill’s book, he artfully crafts a message that weaves a story, with process and appeals equally to analytical andREAD MORE

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TJ 203: Undiscovered Riches ft. Roel Sarmago

Intro: Tim Justice   8:56 Superbowl Reaction 15:56: Welcome Roel Sarmogo 24:44 Finding the right Finical advisor 29:21 Dodd-Frank regulations 46:31 Roel Trading Journey (Undiscovered Riches 7 misunderstanding about money) 1:09:26 Control your finical future 1:15:45 Coaches Mailbag Episode 203 is finally here! The Justice Brothers tackle the markets starting from the top with MarketREAD MORE

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TJ 202: Dow 20K Ft. Trace Fasano

Intro: Tim Justice 1:57 Market Skyline 22:57 Strategy of the week (Shorting a Stock) 27:49 Shorting Stock Checklist 34:10 Where to find Terminology ( Coaches Mail Bag) 42:44 Importance of Back-testing 48:05 Interview with Trace Fasano 1:37:15 Clown of the Week Episode 202 gives our listeners the 101 on the Dow 20k. What does it really meanREAD MORE

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TJ 201: Why now? Why not?

  Intro: Matt Justice 1:51 Market Skyline 6:01 Adventures of a New Trader 13:21 Trading Rules and Chart Reading 18:24 Clown of the Week 33:42 Pete Thomas Interview (Personal Gold Standard) 41:09 Sean Gray Interview  (Investing 101) The Trading Justice podcast has put together a podcast for all the new and upcoming traders of theREAD MORE

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TJ 200: The 200th Episode

Intro: Tim Justice 2:39: A Look back (Tim, Matt) 12:22: Interview Tyler Craig 37:31 Interview Greg Holmes 53:45 Interview Brad May 1:10:58: Interview Keith King 1:45:32 Interview Jake Larmour 2:08:03  Fireside with The Fab Four (Gino, Matt, Tim, Noah)  The long awaited episode 200 is here! Trading Justice has put together a group of interviewsREAD MORE

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TJ 199: From the Top of a Mountain

00:52 Market Update 6:05 New Years Resolutions are for suckers! 9:27  Market Skyline 17:27 Dow over 20k? 22:17 Coaches Mailbag 30:54 Traders on the Clubhouse 37:15 Balance is Key 45:11 National Champ Predictions 49:39 Strategy of the Week 1:00:11 Clown of the Week Another week another great podcast. In episode 199 we focus our attentionREAD MORE

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TJ 198: 2017 Predictions

Intro by Tim Justice 2:41 Market update 26:59 S&P predictions 32:12 Matt Justice and Rocky IV 41:03 S&P Historically and Price correction 53:39 Final words on the S&P 57:10 Dollar Predictions 1:02:15 Oil Predictions 1:04:54 Gold/Silver Prediction 1:12:12 Bitcoin Prediction and Warning 1:25:14 Wildcard Prediction  Last year the coaches at Tackle Trading and the TradingREAD MORE

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TJ 197: The Best of 2016 (part 2)

Intro by Tim Justice 3:04 Interview with Steve Andrus 15:21 Millennials Jake Larmour 29:51 Systematic Risk (Matt &Tim) 55:50 Bear Markets (Matt & Tim) 1:18:00 Forward thinking with Tyler Craig As a special holiday treat, the Trading Justice Podcast has a part two of our best of 2016. Some very powerful interviews and clips fromREAD MORE

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TJ 196: The Best of 2016 (part 1)

Intro by Tim Justice 2:55 Walter Mendenhall Overcoming Fear 22:18 Women and Trading (Rosemary& Lisa) 41:42 Christian Sisson Organization 57:56 Gino Poore Types of Traders The trading Justice Podcast has put together a compilation of some of the best we have to offer in 2016. This is basically the Neapolitan ice cream of  Trading JusticeREAD MORE

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