condors for cash flow

How to Turn Fear Into Consistent Cash Flow Profits Without Needing a Crystal Ball or Large Trading Account

This high probability strategy generates PASSIVE INCOME so you can focus on the important things in life without having to even watch the market


Many traders think they have to predict the future to be successful. They scour Wall Street in search of that ever elusive crystal ball to discover what lies on the horizon. During their quest they try every pill, potion, and lotion; every indicator, widget, and gadget. In the end, all roads lead to the same realization: the future is inherently unknowable.

And therein lies the beauty of the Condors for Cash Flow trading system. It doesn’t require any prediction. Zero, Zip. Nada. Instead, it relies on a truth as old as time: present fear of future uncertainty is exaggerated.


See, we humans are a worried bunch. Panic prone and quick to moan. While this may have kept our ancestors alive on the Savannah, it sure makes for some terrible trading decisions. Fortunately, this persistent worry can be exploited in the options market for profits.

The unique thing about the Condors for Cash Flow trading system is it allows us to bet the future won’t be as uncertain as expected. We are, in essence, short perception and long reality.

Profit from Father Time

Wall Street is a world of crosscurrents. Unpredictable variables swirl round the money pit like the Tasmanian Devil on steroids. But in the eye of the whirlwind lie two constants. The first is the inherent overpricing of options, the second is time decay.

We’ve already discussed how the Iron Condors exploit the former, now let’s turn to the latter. Due to their finite life, option contracts possess something called time value. In the beginning they have it in spades. But then, as time passes, they lose it. Day-by-day it whittles away. No need for prediction, no need for guesses. It is the second constant on the Street. Imagine, money flowing into your coffers from the ticking of the clock, the setting of the sun. The potential for such a reality lies in option selling.


All my knowledge of trading Iron Condors can be found in this video series. We’re talking every tip, every trick, every lesson learned from the school of hard knocks over the past decade. It’s right here, just waiting for you to dive in. Upon completion you will know all of Wall Street’s best kept secrets for successfully trading Iron Condors.

This treasure trove of knowledge took me over a decade to accumulate. Countless hours of education, trial and error, and fine-tuning. One reason I’ve carefully crafted this video series is to save you years of time and potentially thousands of dollars in mistakes.

The Condors for Cash Flow system teaches you

here’s exactly what you will get

Eight epic
video modules

that layout the Condors for Cash Flow System in all its glittering glory. Over seven hours of content for your viewing pleasure

an action plan

at the end of each video with direct assignments to help you employ the Condors for Cash Flow System in your own account.

Eight quizzes

to test how well you mastered the content and identify areas needed for review.

A Trade Tracker

to help you track the profits that will be yours for the taking. Plus, an exclusive Bonus Video Training.

The “how” Bullet

Give me a few hours and I’ll teach you HOW to successfully trade Condors for decades to come

The “What” Bullet

WHAT all profitable Condor traders do to ensure their trading account’s survival

The “Why” Bullet

The reason WHY the Condors for Cash Flow system will print profits into your portfolio until the end of time


Seven day money back guarantee

Tackle Trading’s Condors for Cash Flow trading system comes with a seven-day 100% money back guarantee. You will know more about how to trade Iron Condors successfully than 99.9% of the population. You will understand all the reasons why options selling has the potential to generate consistent profits for decades to come. You’ll be enlightened and entertained by the video series or we will make it right, guaranteed.

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