Any investor can survive stock market crashes by using The Bear Market Survival Guide because it includes Wall Street’s best-kept secrets for portfolio protection.


You need to grow your money, and the stock market provides a potential solution but curse that fear-causing, mistake-enhancing volatility! Bear markets represent the biggest risk of owning stocks.


Don’t face the scary volatility monster unprotected! Bear market beasts can be felled with the right tools. Tools which will be on full display in this awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping feast of enlightenment

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You can’t stop the market from falling. But you can be ready to ride the wave.

topics Covered

Market Cycles

The impact of recessions on the market cycle and why bear markets are inevitable

Insurance & Safe-Havens

How to manage your portfolio protection in all possible environments

Affording Protection

How to finance the purchase of portfolio protection through the systematic selling of covered calls

Deploying Capital

How to use the volatility of bear markets to your advantage with scaling in and out

Instructor spotlight

Tyler Craig is a member of the Chartered Market Technician Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation (CMT). His entire adult life has been dedicated to helping individuals learn how to trade as an elite instructor and personal mentor. He is the acclaimed architect of Tackle Trading’s Options 101 and Condors for Cash Flow interactive video training series as well as the brains behind the Tales of a Technician and Options Theory blogs.

Tyler Craig

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