Tackle 25

The best covered call system for $497

The best covered call system for $497 $297

The best covered call system for $497 $197

What makes the Tackle 25 so popular? Simple: it’s the power of selling options on these carefully selected stocks for cash flow and growth. Bullish, bearish or neutral, this system works through the power of compounding premiums consistently over time.

The story behind the Tackle 25

The need for a powerful watchlist

We needed a powerful watchlist for cash flow strategies, so we went to work and created a list of the very best stocks that were ideal candidates for selling naked puts and covered calls for cash flow. That initial power watchlist evolved over time to become the Tackle 25.

The Tackle 25 grows in popularity

The Tackle 25 power watchlist continues to grow in popularity among our students as we continue to refine and improve the core criteria vital to the success of the Tackle 25 watchlist. Due to the growing popularity, we started holding Tackle 25 Monthly MasterMind group meetings.

The Dynamic Tackle 25 is born

Over the years we’ve received countless request from the Tackle 25 faithful for more frequent updates and so the Dynamic TACKLE 25 was conceived. With a new Dynamic List and regular MasterMind Group, a new cash flow trading system was born.

The power of compounding returns

Get the Tackle 25 list today and start cash flowing!

Tackle 25 Premium System

What's in the box?

01. The Tackle 25 Dynamic List

The exclusive Tackle 25 Watchlist is based on proprietary criteria that helps us carefully identify stocks that have the best personalities for cash flow strategies.

02. Tackle 25 Cash Flow Trading System Guide

The Tackle 25 core system trading criteria, rules and guidelines are clearly laid out in this powerful guide that traders can’t wait to get their hands on.

03. Tackle 25 Mastermind Group

Monthly Mastermind Group Meetings with architects of this powerful trading system featuring in depth discussion and practical application of the system in a fun and educational environment.

04. Tackle 25 Trade Management Guidelines

With the Tackle 25 System, the proper application of risk management and trade adjustments are essential to your success. Learn proper trade management from our expert coaches.

05. Inclusion in the Tackle 25 Community

Tackle 25 members enjoy access to the exclusive Tackle 25 Community of dedicated traders working together to develop skillful mastery of the Tackle 25 cash flow system.

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