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Tackle Today: Asking Questions

August 20, 2018

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Introductory courses in college are often filled with wide-eyed freshman who bring with them various levels of knowledge regarding the subject matter. To help increase the chances of success, a professor needs to gauge whether or not students truly understand the material that is being taught. During lectures, professors routinely pause and ask their students if they have any questions. When the professor asks intro students if there are any questions, the response is usually the same. The class becomes silent.

Students fail to take advantage of a professor’s offer to answer questions for many reasons. Rarely is it because the student has a perfect understanding of the course material. Sometimes the student simply doesn’t know what questions to ask. Oftentimes it is because, despite being confused on a particular point, the student is afraid or hesitant to ask the question.  Some may be shy, others might lack confidence, while many simply don’t want to look dumb in front of their peers. Ironically, many of their peers may have the exact question, or need clarification on the same point.  Regardless, the professor is met with silence far too often in these situations, despite constantly uttering the phrase “There are no dumb questions.”

It is truly important to believe that there truly aren’t dumb questions. As you begin to expand your investing skill set, you will be exposed to information and knowledge that you may not knew was in existence. The fact that you have questions while you learn this material is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is just a natural part of the process. The quickest way to accelerate this process is to ask questions when you have them.

This week, when you attend a live show or come across a blog article or report that creates questions, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor, post it in the clubhouse or email team@tackletrading.com. We love our community and want to provide you every resource to succeed!

Chart of the Day


The broad markets start the week at the upper end of the range they have been trading in over the last month. A breakout of resistance would not be an overall bullish sign of the overall market but would create buy signals across a number of stocks that are testing resistance or recently broke out of resistance over the last week.

Video of the day

Swipe Right or Left – Apple

Is APPLE’s chart looking good for a trade setup today or does it need a few more days to develop? Coach Mark analyzes Apple and swipes right if he is thinking of initiating a trade or swipes left if he just doesn’t feel the chemistry.


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