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Tackle Today: Cancelling The Nightmare Before Christmas

December 20, 2018

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“I always said that you could publish my trading rules in the newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline.”

— Richard Denis, the father of The Turtles —

In fact, his whole system is described in details in the book “The Way of the Turtle”, written by Curtis Faith.

You can grab his system there.
And still fail.

Or you can buy Cash Flow Condors.
And still fail.

Or you can buy the Bear Market Survival Guide.
And still fail.

Or you can buy the Personal Gold.
And still fail.

All those systems have in common great Mentors and great Concepts behind them. They have a latent success built within.

Why would you still fail, then?

The mindset. The mindset behind a trading system is everything. You can have the best system in the world, backed up by the best idea there is, an award-winning outline taught by the best trader available. Without the proper mindset backing up a proper execution, you will fail epically.

Discipline, focus, perfect execution, practice time, consistency, commitment, and diligence. The trading psychology foundations will only come from you.

This is what we call the “System-Thinking Approach” in our recently released System Development 101 series.

The bears are eating poor Santa Claus alive. The nightmare before Christmas is a reality for many traders. But not for Tackle Traders because they have this amazing ecosystem of trading systems and 101 series to back them up.

There’s children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they’re busy building toys and absolutely no one’s dead. ♫

– Jack Skellington –

Merry Christmas, #TeamTackle!

Chart of the Day

A Simple Math

The infographic above depicts four situations one might encounter when dealing with trading systems. It’s pretty self-explanatory. There is only one way that a trading system can work. This infographic is part of the new System Development 101 series. Only for Pro Members.

Video of the Day

What Are Options Greeks (BONUS: FREE Guide)

In this video, you will learn what are the Options Greeks and how to utilize them in your trading routine in order to perform better in the market.

Today’s Lineup


Taming the Imp!!!

This week we are continuing on with the bearish market theme as not much has changed from last week in terms of a reversal. The overall markets still look really weak and all the rallies have met with failure. There has been little in the way of decent rallies at all. At the time of this writing, it seems that the markets are waiting on the FED decision which a lot of folks believe is already priced in.

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