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Claim those dreams

August 27, 2018

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≈And set yourself to win.≈

This morning message is for winners. It not about becoming the best you can be, becoming the best version of yourself, or reaching your full potential. It is not about doing your best and giving it your all. It is about becoming the literal best there is at what you choose to do. It is about becoming number one, the best in the world in your occupation, your business, or other areas in which you are devoting your energy and time. There are some people who have this drive and it is worth the time to look inwardly to find out if you are one of them.

Here are a few quotes that usually provoke emotions one way or another. What emotions do they create in you?

  • “Second place is just the first place loser” ~Dale Earnhardt
  • “There is no such thing as second place. Either you are first or you’re nothing.” ~Gabe Paul
  • “What is the point in competing for a trophy if everyone gets a trophy?” ~Glenn Beck

When you read quotes like these do they fire you up…the pump your fist in the air fired up? Or do quotes like these make you find reasons to dismiss them for a variety of reasons? There are a variety of motivating factors in life and winning, or becoming the best at what you do is not the only path to success. However, for those individuals who relate to these quotes, the drive to become the best can lead you to levels of success that few even dream of achieving.

On the path of life it is easy to lose yourself. It is easy to sell yourself short along the way. Failure, disappointment, bills, lack of support, and many other factors might have caused you to set your goals far short of becoming the best at what you do. Various disappointments might have caused you to not set any goals at all. It might have been some time since you dreamed of greatness. It is time to dust off those dreams and reclaim your destiny. As a side bonus in trading, if you strive to become the best but fall short you can still make plenty of money along the way.

Chart of the Day


The volatile days of the first part of 2018 seem like a distant memory now don’t they? Last week was a positive trading environment with little in the terms of volatility getting in the way. Many major indexes are setting all-time highs and breaking out. As long as news and unknown factors do not get in the way this week it could be another very nice trading environment for the bulls.

Video of the day

Thought Of The Day: Have a stop Loss Technique

Coach Tim talks about the importance of having a Stop Loss Technique.

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