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Tackle Today: Failure is Fuel

February 4, 2019

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≈ Let the dream be larger than anything else. ≈

Walt Disney did not immediately find success. In fact, Disney wanted to become a newspaper artist but was fired from his first newspaper job because his boss felt that he lacked imagination.  He then decided to launch early businesses based on animation only to have those businesses fail and put him into bankruptcy. At this point Walt Disney had been fired, had failed at business, could barely pay rent, and had no money for food. So what did he then decide to do? Move to Hollywood and start a new business. At every point of failure his dream became larger and larger. It was almost as if failure fueled the size of his dream. Generations of children and adults alike have been the beneficiaries of this perseverance. 

It is the rare individual who does not get derailed by failure. It is the unique individual whose dreams become larger and larger over time. What can you do this week to increase the size of your dream? Are you going to let your past failures keep you from maximizing your potential in life? Seize the day this week my friends and whether it is trading, entrepreneurial activities or personal growth take steps this week to becoming the best version of you possible. 

Chart of the Day

Bullish sentiment

Sentiment has been off the charts the last month and got another boost this last week with the Fed’s complete capitulation to the market. Major technical signals are starting to be produced as well with the first close above the 20-weekly average on major markets since early October.

Video of the day

Set proper expectations for educational goals

Coach T talks about the importance of having proper expectations towards your educational goals.

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