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Tackle Today: Fifty Shades of Twitter 🐦

August 9, 2018

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We never ever, not in a million years, could’ve thought that a 140-character social network would be able to move the financial markets so much.

Yes, we’re talking Twitter.

Back in the old days when Mr. Bluebird was used only to answer the simple question “What are you doing?”, if 1,000 people answered GOING TO LUNCH, Twitter servers would crash with so much (relevant) information.

Nowadays, they can handle a million egos floating around and another million (relevant) heated discussions that would lead to nowhere and shed no light whatsoever. Their servers are fine and the only thing that crashes is the financial market. Or rallies, depending on how much Prozac people have taken.

Led by Mr. Musk and Mr. Trump, there is now an A-Team specialized in moving the markets with their 140-character wisdom.


“I’m in the bathroom doing number 2. Think Imma imposing some tariffs today.”



“My steak is too rare. Think Imma taking my company private tomorrow.”


And this is how it goes. People tend to hold on to whatever excuses to begin another buying/selling frenzy.

As traders, we don’t. We don’t buy into this madness. We don’t participate in the schizophrenia. We are not actors in the 50 Shades of Twitter movie.

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How to Identify Trend Lines

Trendlines are one of five different ways that you can identify a significant support or resistance catalyst. Others include significant price levels, previous support and resistance levels, price gaps and popular moving averages. Drawing an up trendline can be done by connecting previous levels of support and drawing a trendline connecting these levels. Drawing a down trendline can be done by connecting previous levels of resistance and drawing a trendline connecting these levels. Coach Matt walks through several examples of each in the informative video.


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I would change it to “Held every Thursday, this show helps you perfect your favorite cashflow strategies..


Mind of a Trader – Replay

If you missed last night’s show where Coach Matt Justice, the founder and CEO of Tackle trading went over his thoughts on when to do a Naked Put vs doing a Bull Put Spread or would like to watch it again, click the link below.


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