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Tackle Today: How do you set a stop loss❓

February 8, 2019

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≈ Rule based trading. ≈

When you buy 100 shares of stock, as a trade, how and where do you set your stop loss?  If there’s too much variation in the way that you apply stop losses, it can lead to inconsistent returns and a lowered confidence.

Generally, traders will use analysis involving the Candlestick high or low, the support and resistance points or other catalysts to establish a stop loss rule.

If you’re not certain how to set your stop losses, try by defining your rule or idea and sharing it with the clubhouse to get input or feedback.

Clarity of rules leads to confidence.  Keep it simple and define your stop loss rule.

Chart of the Day

Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX)

Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX)

$BSX, Boston Scientific Corporation, is approaching its highs after strong earnings report this week.  It’s a Tackle 25 stock.  Remember to check the earnings dates on all the companies you track.  When stocks you own have earnings, you can collar or protect them from downside risk.  After earnings, consider removing the hedge or collar if the chart and risk profile open up.

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Today we’re addressing an insightful question from Ryan that was initially posted in the clubhouse. There’s alot to unpack so let’s first look at the entire query below: “Is selling out of the money covered calls to finance the cost of a long put hedge on IWM realistic? I have been routinely finding that the premium is so low on the covered calls that it is not worth it. Today Isimulated a trade in which I bought 100 shares of IWM at $150.66. I then bought a 17 Jan 2020 136 put for $5.21. (…)

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