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Tackle Today: Less is More

April 8, 2019

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Tackle Today: Less is More (Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash)

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If you took an hour to research each stock, you likely still could not get through them all in a year. Knowing this fact, as traders and investors we must find an approach to trading and investing that we allow us to succeed is this mass universe of choice.

You do not need to become a master of the financial universe to find success in investing. Some of the most successful traders only follow a handful of stocks. They become experts in the instruments they choose, are familiar with what makes them move, and as part of their daily routine go through the charts to see if any opportunities exist.

For new traders, this is a manageable approach that can make entry into the world of trading go much smoother than it would otherwise. Simply selecting a few stocks or ETFs to follow can allow a new trader to start developing an expertise in the items they selected. They also avoid that overwhelmed feeling that engulfs so many new traders. You can always add as time goes on but if you have been feeling overwhelmed lately contemplate the “less is more” approach as it might be the simple formula you have needed to take that next step forward.

Chart of the Day

Earnings Earnings Earnings!

 Tackle Today Chart of the day "Earnings Earnings Earnings!"

Earnings season is upon us and while only a few larger-sized companies will start to report this week (Delta, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo) many traders have contemplated if this is the final catalyst needed to send the market to all-time highs. The banks start to report on Friday.

Video of the day

When is the Start of Earnings Season

Coaches Matt and Tim discuss when they consider the start of earnings season.

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