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Tackle Today: The Trilemma 🔺

January 8, 2019

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≈ The Impossible Trinity ≈

“Every choice is a renunciation. Indeed. Every choice is a thousand renunciations. To choose one thing is to turn one’s back on many others.”

― Ronald Rolheiser

That is a life full of trade-offs. We, humans, tend to choose instant gratification over long-term responsibility. However, in order to build wealth, we must forego expediency. We want a pack with 100 gold coins and life gives us 100-x, where X is the amount we have to earn during a lifespan through hard work and choices.

Reality bites. There is not a single investment or trading strategy that encompasses all the virtues we want: Profitability, Safety, and Liquidity. The investing Trilemma, the Impossible Trinity, is clear: choose two, let one go.

1. For a safety net, we prioritize Safety and Liquidity. Let go of Profitability. This is our safeguard against a possible hardship.

2. For capital growth, we prioritize Profitability and Liquidity over Safety. We take more risks. Most traders belong to this group.

3. For long-term wealth creation, we marry Profitability with Safety. Liquidity stays on the sidelines. Think about someone who invests in art, properties, and precious metals.

One is not better than the other. In fact, we can run all three scenarios at the same time during our lifetime making our own Possible Trinity.

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