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TJ 202: Dow 20K Ft. Trace Fasano

January 30, 2017

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Intro: Tim Justice

1:57 Market Skyline

22:57 Strategy of the week (Shorting a Stock)

27:49 Shorting Stock Checklist

34:10 Where to find Terminology ( Coaches Mail Bag)

42:44 Importance of Back-testing

48:05 Interview with Trace Fasano

1:37:15 Clown of the Week

Episode 202 gives our listeners the 101 on the Dow 20k. What does it really mean for the market? Our strategy of the week will give clarity for those who are unsure of how to exactly short a stock with bearish tendencies. The Justice brothers give a beautiful explanation and checklist for the short sale of a stock.

This week we had plenty of questions for our coaches mailbag, we’ve picked the best of the best to answer during the podcast. All of this, and the long awaited interview with Trace Fasano. Find out what the NYSE was like in the early 90s and how things in the trading world have changed since.

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  1. AdiPuplampu says:

    Really great show! Always fine tunes my mindset about Trading & Investing. Thank you guys! You’re the best.

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