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TJ 203: Undiscovered Riches ft. Roel Sarmago

February 8, 2017

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Intro: Tim Justice  

8:56 Superbowl Reaction

15:56: Welcome Roel Sarmogo
24:44 Finding the right Finical advisor
29:21 Dodd-Frank regulations
46:31 Roel Trading Journey (Undiscovered Riches 7 misunderstanding about money)
1:09:26 Control your finical future
1:15:45 Coaches Mailbag

Episode 203 is finally here! The Justice Brothers tackle the markets starting from the top with Market Skyline. Hear how all the major markets have moved in the past week. Eliminating Dodd-Frank? How would this affect you and your trading portfolio? And all the way from the 416 (Toronto), Roel Sarmago is here to talk about his new book Undiscovered Riches: How to Find Your Hidden Wealth.

Roel Sarmago is one of the world’s leading financial life coaches. He is also a professional speaker, successful real estate investor, active trader and passionate palm tree hugger. Roel has worked with thousands of people helping them find their hidden wealth. Roel’s unique approach to personal finance will revolutionize the way you look at your money.

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