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TJ 209: Daily Trading Routine

March 21, 2017

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Episode 209 is an exactly what new and old readers need to hear. How’s your current daily routine? The TJ podcast wants to share how a pro does their daily routine and makes the most out of every moment of the work day. Efficiency is key! Less time at a computer trading is more time with friends and family. 

Also, a market update that will intrigue the even the most senior trader. There seems to be political volatility more now than ever.  Are we on the brink of a bear market? If so how do you protect yourself? Find out here with episode 209 of the Trading Justice Podcast.  

Intro: Tim Justice

2:18: Market Skyline

21:55: Feature Presentation (Tips & Tricks)

40:43 Clown of the Week

Tim’s Matt’s Tips & Tricks

  1. Schedule it in
  2. Automate of Management
  3. Use Heat Map
  4. Use a Perf Chart
  5. Work from a Playbook
  6. Get a Timer
  7. Manage base on weight of delta
  8. Understanding Economic Reports
  9. Theta Target
  10. Manage Strikes ( Know when to hold em’, Know when to fold em’)

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