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TJ 215: Undiscovered Riches

May 1, 2017

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A star-studded event for episode 215 of the Trading Justice Podcast. Your coaches welcome the author of Undiscovered Riches, Roel Sarmago. After a market analysis and look at the world’s current events the team dives deep into Coach Sarmago’s latest piece of financial literature.


A great conversation about the 7 money myths is in store for you.The Time is Money Myth • The Saving (and Savings) Myth • The Budgeting Myth • The Debt Myth • The Retirement Myth • The Net Worth Myth • The Home Equity Myth. As advertised this was a live podcast. Teammates from around the world chiming in with questions, comments, and the occasional bit of humor.


Intro: Tim Justice

2:45: Market Skyline

33:28: Feature Presentation

1:04:50: Would You Rather?

1:08:15: Coaches Mailbag


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