Friday Feature: The Best Thing That Happened To Me

I want to talk to you about the best thing that happened to me when it comes to my trading: I lost! A LOT! I broke rules. I over positioned sized. I traded concepts and strategies that I didn’t understand. I skipped the practice part and went straight to the big leagues, and I did this over and over and over again until I couldn’t take any more punches, but I dusted myself off, got back on the saddle and got to work. I started treating trading as a business instead of a gun slinging hobby.

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Friday Feature: Compounding Growth

alk and discuss a concept that I personally love about trading and that is compounding growth. How do you turn $10,000 into $100,000, then into $1,000,000? The answer is a good system while reinvesting your gains to create a compounding growth effect. Come check it out in today’s Friday Feature Blog.

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Friday Feature: The 6th (and 7th) Sense

Do you ever wonder why trading can feel so hard? The answer is simple. Humans are naturally bad traders. It’s true. Did you know the body has more than just the five widely known senses? Today I want to focus on senses numbers 6 and 7 and why they make bad traders.

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