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FOMC Policy Statement

January 29, 2015

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I have never hid my disdain for the Free (it should be federal) Open Market Committee. I find it to be immoral, unethical, and criminal to charge interest on the money they print. Think about it: I’m going to create a currency, force all in the marketplace to use my currency, and then also charge those same consumers an interest on the printed money. If this was a public entity and part of the social contract, I’d be fine with it as government must create capital to maintain their social mandate. However, this is a private entity; a private banking cartel that controls this. There are many things about the FED that I disagree with, but this is one of the bigger ones. Another one is what they have done in the manipulation of the markets, including the dollar and the stock market.

Take for example the following chart: this is a 15 minute chart for the last two days that covers the FOMC policy statement and today’s price action. The market sold on the announcement yesterday due to the market finally getting a sense of when the FED will start raising interest rates (which will not be good for the market). It sold about 2%; which is not a huge movement, but one that makes the FED uneasy. It was just a matter of time until someone from the FED did something to keep the market from continuing to sell. However, I was surprised to hear the Janet Yellen spoke at a private luncheon today where she told a group of politicians (mostly democrats) that the FED would not be raising rates anytime soon.


Two shocking things happened immediately following this meeting (all pun intended):

1) The information was leaked to Wall Street

2) Wall Street immediately sent the market indexes vertical

You have to love the Federal Open Market Committee.

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5 Replies to “FOMC Policy Statement”

  1. Avatar Gregory Jones says:

    Couldn’t that be interpreted as a form of insider trading?

  2. Its not insider but in my estimation…just as bad.

  3. Avatar David Ciporkin says:

    I may be the slow one of the bunch on this, but I’ve been doing the GTB trade on USD/JPY every night since our seminar in December, and as of lately, it seems when the US market falls the USD/JPY falls and now that the market is going back up, the same with the USD/JPY. Same with PCLN which is my Eleanor LOL.

    In my noobness, I’m feeling like the overall movement of the SPX is like the natural current in the ocean, and the stocks are like the fish swimming in one direction or the other. How they move more one way or the other seems to be connected to the bias of the overall market for that given day too.

    Just what I’m feeling in the very inception of my rookie year lol

  4. there is a correlation between the dollar and market right now. For example, tonight the Japanese markets went up and the Dollar declined. I have been studying markets for years and the divergent/correlation status of market and currency is the toughest I have seen in quite some time

  5. There is a reason why they ate called banksters.

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