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Friday Feature: You Must Believe!

November 13, 2020

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Happy Friday to all the believers! WTH? Is this a sermon or a weekly blog post? It’s both, but my hope is that it doesn’t get too preachy but instead, it brings enlightenment to your trading.

When I started trading, well over a decade ago, I thought all I had to do was following some recommendations from the talking heads and I would be backing up the brinks truck with all the cash I could imagine. Well guess what, that did not materialize as I thought it might. So not being a quitter I thought I would try something else. So I studied and learned how to read charts, I dove into the technical pool head first! It turned out to be a very shallow pool as it did not produce the results I expected although these results were slightly better than the first attempt.

It was about this time, and by time I mean a declining account balance, that the fear and trepidation started to creep into my mind. I started to think that those wall street guys knew something that I didnt know, yet! Even with these feelings creeping in I was not ready to throw in the towel, I have always be as stubborn as a mule just ask anyone that has ever known me for more than ten minutes. LOL

My third attempt at trading had me believing that if I just knew everything that those wall street folks knew that success was guaranteed. This is when I started to intake as much information my mind could handle and I was getting as fast as I could. I learned all about fundamental analysis. I went deep on the technical analysis, I became very competent at reading charts. I even learned about investor sentiment and about trading with catalysts. I was really soaking it all in. At this point I was certain I had the key to winning this game. Fast forward a few months and my account balance was near zero. WTH? What had I done wrong, what was I missing? I had all the pieces of the puzzle all I had to do was to assemble it, right?

Right, and wrong? I had all the pieces of the puzzle, I had learned a great deal about trading I felt like I was ready to kick ass! Then I learned that putting together a puzzle in which you have no box or picture is very hard to do, some may even say it’s impossible depending on the number of pieces. Imagine putting a 5000 piece puzzle together without the picture on the box? Sounds tough, right? It was very tough. It took all my stubbornness and all my soul to not give up and then I had an epiphany. The picture on the box I had to be visualized by me. It had to be created in my mind! Everyone’s trading success is different, it is the picture we build that brings the success. Think about it, we all have the same pieces, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, systems etc but yet some are really successful and some not so much. Also, some are really successful at day trading and some are more successful as position traders or investors. The question is why?

Here is the answer, the folks that are ultimately successful are the ones that acquire the pieces and then build a picture of trading success in their minds and then have the unwavering belief that they can manifest that picture in their minds into reality.

This means that once you have the pieces you need to see your success in your mind and then believe with all your being that will make it happen!!!


Sermon over, I hope this finds you well on your road to building your perfect trading success picture and then believing that you can build it anyway you want to.

Coach “Old Money” Holmes

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Trading is like life, it takes dedication,
perseverance, and a whole lotta help to succeed.


Shout out to my boy Frank!!! CROX ROX!
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