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Notes from a Newbie: How to Start

July 1, 2018

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I’d like to start off by saying WELCOME! To anyone beginning their trading career (and to anyone getting back into the swing of trading, we all fall off the wagon sometimes and starting again can be just as scary as starting for the first time) If you’re anything like me, learning how to trade is full of emotions. Maybe you’re feeling EXCITED, OVERWHELMED, SCARED, INTIMIDATED…

My name is Melirosa and I’ve been trading for almost a year now. So, whatever you’re feeling right now, chances are, I felt them not too long ago. This post is to help anyone who is feeling OVERWHELMED, SCARED, and INTIMIDATED to process those emotions and use those anxieties productively.

Remember, managing your emotions is the HARDEST and MOST IMPORTANT part of trading. So, the sooner you learn to deal with them, the better off you’ll be.

Are you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the new words, software, and posts?

Sooo many new words: Take a deep breath and remember that learning to trade is like learning a new language, and the best way to learn a new language is through submersion. My favorite ways to submerge myself in trading are through;

1. Trading Justice Podcast. This weekly podcast is a great way to keep your mind in the markets and learn new lingo. Plus, it’s super convenient to listen to while driving. (You can listen to all their episodes HERE)

2. Market Report (every morning @ the open) – Read it HERE
2.1.Market Recap (every evening @ the close) – Read it HERE
2.3. Market Scoreboard (every Friday) – Read it HERE

When I started reading these reports, I felt like I was reading in a foreign language… I would read and get to the end and have absolutely NO IDEA what I had just read. I remember being super excited the first time I read a report and it made any sense whatsoever. So, if you’re feeling like you’re not understanding the reports, keep at it, before you know it you’ll be able to read and understand them in a matter of minutes.

Software and trading platforms

You WILL get the hang of them, even if you aren’t very tech-savvy… I promise. They look way scarier than they really are. You don’t need to be a coder/computer hacker/analyst typing away in a dark basement to understand Think or Swim. Search Tackle Trading and Tackle Trading’s Youtube Channel for the platform that you use, and you’ll find hours of videos and helpful information just for beginners. Coach Tyler Craig did an entire Cash Flow Club diving on Think or Swim, and you can watch it HERE

Information Overload

Remember that Tackle Trading is a trading community for traders of ALL LEVELS who trade ALL ASPECTS OF THE FINANCIAL MARKETS. You do NOT need to be trading options, forex, commodities, futures, stocks, AND cryptos your first year in the markets. Instead of trying to learn everything, focus on mastering one thing at a time.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, no matter how small or silly you might think it is, ASK IT 😊

  • You can reach out to team@tackletrading.com and a coach will get back to you shortly.
  • And if you can, jump on the Coaches Lounge (M-F 11am EST – Access it HERE). Coach Mark is there every single day to help and encourage you! He’s amazing at helping new traders piece together all the information you’re learning and teaching how to put it into use. I ask A LOT of questions and sometimes I worry that they’re ‘stupid’ questions, but Coach Mark always begins his responses with “GREAT QUESTIONS!” so shout out to you, Coach Mark for encouraging us to ask questions!

So, remember, submerge yourself in your trading daily. Trading software is easier than it looks, and you WILL get the hang of it. Pace yourself, you do not need to learn everything right off the bat. There is always something more to learn and new emotions to manage. The most important part is that you BEGIN. You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to know it all, but you need to START.

I hope this helped 😊

Sincerely, a once overwhelmed analytical perfectionist,


2 Replies to “Notes from a Newbie: How to Start”

  1. DavidEdwards says:

    Thank you for this post. I’m trying to pick up just a piece at a time.


      That’s the best way to go David, pace yourself.
      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it

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