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New Trader Action Plan

September 9, 2016

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This action plan is meant as an introduction to both Tackle Trading and trading itself. You won’t learn about options or strike prices in this guide. Rather, this plan focuses on helping lay a foundation for the mentality of trading, including finding your why of trading, the discipline it requires, and the like. Lets begin!

1. Get To Know Tackle Trading

2. Get To Know Yourself

Read and watch the following articles to start getting into the proper mentality of trading, as well as to figure out what kind of trader you’d prefer to be.

Proper Mindset

Your Daily and Weekly Routine

3. Get To Know Your Trading

Start paper trading

Set up a virtual account with a broker such as TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim. The virtual account will give you some thousands of fake money to play with and try strategies out with.

Here are a few trading platforms to choose from:

Now start trading in your virtual account. Choose stocks and buy (or short) them. Then try exiting at a profit.

Developing Watch Lists

Order Entry

Developing a Trading Plan

Creating Your Own Trading Plan

Trading System Basics, Part 1

Trading System Basics, Part 2

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  1. IreneMar says:

    Thank you, this list let’s me know where in the sequence I find myself and how to fill in the gaps,as well as next steps.

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