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The learning modules are designed beautifully into our website to ensure the student has a deep learning experience and uses the impact of the Trading System to move themselves forward into greater profitability and confidence as a trader.

Bear Market Survival Guide

Any investor can survive stock market crashes by using The Bear Market Survival Guide because it includes Wall Street’s best-kept secrets for portfolio protection.
Tyler Craig
14 lessons
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$795 $595

  • 13 Video Lessons
  • 6 Interactive Quizzes
  • 45-page Manual
  • Monthly Mastermind Groups
  • Great Customer Support
  • Answers to all of your questions about the system directly from the Tackle Trading Coaches.

The Bear Market Survival Guide teaches you:

  • The nature of the business cycle and how it drives corporate profits
  • The impact of recessions on the market cycle and why bear markets are inevitable
  • The conventional wisdom for wrangling bear markets and how to improve upon it
  • How pros buy insurance to protect their stock positions
  • The performance of safe-haven assets during market crashes
  • How to protect your retirement account by reducing potential losses to a mere 15%
  • How to manage your portfolio protection in all possible environments
  • How to finance the purchase of portfolio protection through the systematic selling of covered calls
  • The tactics that active traders should use in bear markets to thrive
  • How to use the volatility of bear markets to your advantage with scaling in and out
  • The Fade the Fear trading system
  • How professionals deploy capital during bear markets

Cash Flow Condors

The Cash Flow System you’ve been looking for. A simple Cash Flow System that you can trade with absolute confidence, that has an unbelievable track record, and takes less than an hour a month to execute.
Tyler Craig
9 lessons
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$995 $795

  • 8 Powerful Video training Modules
  • Detailed Step by Step Training Guide
  • Easy to Use Performance Tracker
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Webinar
  • Membership in our Exclusive Cash Flow Condors Club
  • Module 1: Orientation. A brief overview of the Cash Flow Condors system.
  • Module 2: Strategy Foundation 101.
  • Module 3: Strategy Foundation 202.
  • Module 4: Trade Walk Through. Learning is one part acquisition, two parts application.
  • Module 5: Risk Management. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  • Module 6: Hedging. Sometimes Iron Condors don’t fly right.
  • Module 7: Volatility. Time to learn the true meaning of implied volatility.
  • Module 8: Tips and Tricks. We’ve saved the best for last.
  • Module 9: Trade Tracker. Measuring performance is paramount.

Tackle 25

This system will help prepare you to trade Covered Calls. The modules are designed to teach you the mechanics of how to build a covered call and the proper mindset behind good Covered Call trading and investing. The videos are laid out in a 7-module process. Each module will end with a quiz for you to test your knowledge and understanding.
Matt Justice
7 Lessons
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$297 $197

  • 7 Powerful Video training Modules (≈2 hours of content)
  • E-book
  • Quizzes
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Webinar
  • Four dynamic Covered Call lists: Tackle 25, Dividend Fireworks, Poor Boy’s Covered Call and Dirty, Sexy, Money.
  • Module 1: Meet the Covered Call
  • Module 2: Call Option Basics
  • Module 3: The Covered Call Playbook
  • Module 4: Trade Management: Bulls
  • Module 5: Trade Management: Sideways
  • Module 6: Trade Management: Bears
  • Module 7: Earnings & Collars

Personal Gold

Coming soon.
Matt Justice
10 lessons
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