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Tackle Today: Empty Garden

February 6, 2019

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A gardener like that one, no one can replace. 

How successful traders and investors are born?

That is a million-dollar question. The search for the Holy Grail. The financial markets are, in a way, similar to a rainforest, like the Amazonia. People that are courageous but cautious, consistent and persistent will strive and survive, whereas the bold, uncautious and arrogant ones will be swallowed and will never be seen again.

Our answer to that question is simple: you must master the Holy Trinity of Trading. This is so important to us that we are dedicating the three next editions of the Trading Justice newsletter to the topic. Sign up so you won’t miss it. It’s free.

The first step is mastering Portfolio Design, which represents the balance inside the Trinity. A well-balanced and well-thought-out portfolio can work wonders. Like flowers in a garden, individual positions will perish. The contrary is also true and some positions will blossom and bloom in wonderful profits. The consolidated result counts much more than individual positions.

A skilled trader is also a skilled gardener of his/her own portfolio.

~ Johnny, can’t you come out to play in your empty garden. ~

Chart of the Day

Start with WHY

The Portfolio Design must start a philosophical questioning: WHY. There is no such thing as a perfect one-size-fits-all portfolio design out there because each one of us possesses a different WHY. That is when you need some guidance and the most appropriate will only come from a Mentor. Weve also covered this topic in great details in the System Development 101 series. Sit down with a Mentor and set your goals.

Video of the day

What is An Investment Portfolio

An investment portfolio is a collection of your investments including:
Stocks, Bonds, Cash, Real State, Metals, between other assets.

Today’s line up

Tales of a Technician

Tricky Crosscurrents

With Mondays 1.19% pop, the Russell 2000 has officially risen 20% off its late-December lows. Thats aBEAST of a move in such a short span (6 weeks). The relentlessness of the rise is made clear with one stat: In the past 27 trading sessions weve only seen 5 down days.

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Join the coaches in this live lounge, ask questions, discuss ideas or just sit back and listen to veteran traders discuss market conditions.

The Coaches Show Replay

If you missed last night’s episode where Coaches Mark Justice & Tyler Craig talked about the markets recent insane bullishness or would like to watch it again, check it out here.

Bear Market Survival Guide MasterMind Group 8:30PM EST

Owners of our premium system The Bear Market Survival Guide are invited to attend. System architect, Tyler Craig, will be showing how to apply the principles taught in the course. You will find the recordings to previous meetings below.

Halftime Report 12:30PM EST

The Halftime Report starts at 12:30 EST and covers what news is driving the market, chart analysis from the movers and shakers of the day and fun in a way that only Matt and Tim can deliver.

Market Recap

The Market Recap is designed to give you a quick overview of the day that was. While brief, this report is designed to cover all of the major events that drove the markets that day and help you plan for the trading day ahead.

Trading Justice Podcast Episode 307: Recession Triggers

In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim discuss the 14 points of a recent report from a market analyst detailing the potential catalysts that could trigger a recession in 2019. Listen to this episode on the player below:

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