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Tackle Today: Tragedy in three acts

August 15, 2018

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Act I
You’re expecting bad news to hit the market pretty soon. You build your portfolio like Noah built his ark. In your mind, after reading from “specialists”, you are 100% sure that a huge market correction is lurking around the corner.

Act II
The day of the flood comes and you are prepared. Bad news hit. You saw it coming. You were right all the time. You close your eyes. Mission accomplished.

The market rallies. You start losing money like there is a hole in the ship. Your portfolio is the Titanic and you are Jack Dawson.

A market that has a bullish reaction to bad news is a bull market. Our natural and linear train of thoughts can’t accept this as a true statement. Obviously, after the bad event hits everything becomes explainable, both the event and the market reaction. That’s the hindsight bias, a.k.a. “I-knew-it-all-along”. Yeah, you knew it all along but you lost money, right?

As stated by Nassim Taleb, “understanding is a poor substitute for convexity”. We will never fully understand the world we live in and that’s OK as long as we shoot for convexity, that is, design a portfolio that makes money when things go well and lose a manageable amount when things go wrong so you can stay in the game to play another round.

As traders, we are not in the being-right-business but in the money-making business.

Chart of the Day

US presidential election, 2016

— “The market doesn’t like him. If he wins, the market will crash because it is priced for Hilary.”

Here’s the S&P 500 Index chart, from the moment Trump wins, November 2016, until November 2017. You’ve loaded your portfolio with bearish trades expecting to profit from a major correction.

Do you want to be right or to make money?

Video of the day

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