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Tackle Today: What the Little Buddha taught me about investing

November 8, 2018

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≈ The Earth is my witness. ≈

The broad markets are living in turmoil. Emerging market too. As a consequence, many thoughts pass through my head all the time. One of them is the Buddha’s awakening scene in the 1993 movie “The Little Buddha”, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

Stories like Siddhartha’s enlightenment, described in the ancient scriptures, are inherently embodied with deep meaning, serving as an inspiration to us, mere mortals, through the eons.

Rise above the turmoil and be the person who’s on the outside looking in.

Many successful investors used this same approach. They don’t participate in the madness. They don’t fall into this black hole of irrational behaviour. This is something we as traders must aspire for. We should see this as a paradigm and drink from such wisdom.

“Ignorance was destroyed; knowledge arose; darkness was destroyed; light arose.”

Chart of the Day


The Bovespa Index (Ibovespa) is the benchmark index of about 60 stocks that are traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, the largest in Latin America. More than 50% of the Brazilian Stock Market is composed of money coming from foreign investors. Problems in other emerging countries, like the ones we saw in Argentina and Turkey, can contaminate, leading to major sell-offs. Add to the mixture the uncertainty derived from the most awaited presidential election since the end of the military regime and you have the chart above. Investors fled from Brazil and bought US Dollars like madmen until things settled down a little bit. In the end, rising above the turmoil and being the person who’s on the outside looking in has its benefits as the index is now hitting new highs.

Video of the Day

What is Delta?

Delta is the ratio at which an option premium changes when the price of the underlying asset changes at a $1.00 increment.

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