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TJ 208: The Federal Reserve

March 13, 2017

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The Federal Reserve meets this week to discuss the presumed interest rate hikes. This has plenty of traders on the edge of their seats. What would higher interest rates mean to the everyday citizen? Your Tackle Trading coaches dissect this topic along with much more. Find out how US monetary policy affects our neighbors around the world.

The journey that every trader takes is unique. We have a special guest, Cody Maki, here to share his story. Mr. Maki is a jack of all trades. He is currently in a Master’s program at Texas A&M and is a Real Estate investor. Once again, a fantastic show with an amazing guest!

Intro: Tim Justice

1:50: Market Skyline (Federal Reserve Speaks)

30:22: Interview with Cody Maki

1:00:23 Coaches Mailbag

1:10:56 Clown of the Week

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