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TJ 212: Trading For Beginners

April 10, 2017

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Trading justice episode 212 has arrived. While Coach T is on a brief hiatus in Hawaii your host Matt Justice along with the help from Noah Davison and Tyler Craig rock the mic just right. Does global tension equate to volatility in the markets? If we learned anything from the last few weeks its, sell perception and by reality. This week’s market skyline will help you grasp the reality of our markets.

“What would you do if you could do it over again?” Our coaches discuss the 30-day action plan for new traders. Learn from their mistakes and get your trading journey off to a great start. Also, the coaches mailbag is full of goodies this week.Come fill your noodle with knowledge, and laugh till it hurts on episode 212 of the Trading Justice Podcast.

Intro: Matt Justice

2:24: Market Skyline

18:48: Featured Presentation

46:27: Would You Rather?

55:36: Coaches Mailbag

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One Reply to “TJ 212: Trading For Beginners”

  1. Michael Hildebrandt says:

    Great podcast, great advice for the new trader. However, they are wrong on “would you rather” – you should go back in time to tell Grandpa what stocks to buy!

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