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Friday Feature: My Community is My Success Part 1: The Pain of Change

October 4, 2019

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My Community is My Success Part 1 - The Pain of Change - Deneen-LT-on-Pexels

“Even when I am writing this blog today, I’m surprised to find my memories of these painful moments to be no longer hurtful. You see, pain passes as you change.”

Pearl Li —

I did not come from a supportive or loving environment growing up. Taking a step that deviated from a mainstream corporate career in technology was considered a betrayal by many in my circle at the time. The ones that are closest to me like family members, friends, and trusted advisors have all at some point thought I was “crazy” to want to manage my own money and grow it through trading/investing. It’s like how the common man at one time in history had the desire to read the bible for him/herself and it was immediately condoned as heresy.

So, that was my community when I started this journey. Not only they did not have any word of encouragement, but they were also destructive to my emotional well-being to learn something new. Yet, I wanted to change.

I wanted it so bad and I no longer cared about these people that existed in my life only to cause me pain. They are not going to where I’m going, so I had to let them be. To avoid further conflict, ridicule and judgment, for 3 years, I did not tell too many people what I was doing. Especially, when I know they are not the supportive type.

Even when I am writing this blog today, I’m surprised to find my memories of these painful moments to be no longer hurtful. You see, pain passes as you change. Yes, I still remember the pain, but they no longer have power over me, because I am at a different place now.

At moments when I really have no idea what my future looks like, Tim Justice, my mentor told me, “Just keep trading, keep learning, every aspect of your life will change!” I remember that from this day and I’m here to pass this onto our community.

Friday Feature: My Community is My Success Part 1: The Pain of Change - Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Regardless of where you are in life, how you grew up and what are your current difficulties, don’t give up on the one thing that can trigger the domino effect to improve every aspect of your life, even when you don’t feel it and your body is aching, you have to force the change upon yourself to show up to class, do the work, follow what your mentor says. Day by day, a new environment will emerge to support you. 

Stayed tuned for .“My Community is My Success Part 2: Let the Momentum Carry You”.

Pearl Li. The Theta Finder. In the Making.

Tackle Trading: Pearl Li.

Pearl Li previously has been a product management professional for more than 10 years working at well-known companies such as Amazon and Nielsen Company. She took the leap in 2016 with Elite Legacy Education to learn about building long term wealth through financial market trading/investing. In 2018, Pearl happily left her job to pursue investing/trading fulltime producing theta style trading that generates monthly cashflow. She is thrilled to be a voice on the Tackle Trading platform to share her transformation as she goes through various phases of her growing experience.

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4 Replies to “Friday Feature: My Community is My Success Part 1: The Pain of Change”

  1. Justin Driskell Justin Driskell says:

    Hey Pearl, I understand how you feel. When I signed up with Legacy, I only told my wife. And I told her not to tell anyone what I was doing. My wife was and has always been extremely supportive of me and my goals. But I didn’t trust anyone else to be as supportive. I didn’t need any negativity bringing down during my educational process. I’m just now after a year and a half starting to introduce people to my other life I live that is trading. Hang in there Pearl! Let the haters hate. You’ll show them who is “crazy!”

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      Hi Justin, Thanks for your thoughts! I enjoyed your blog on back testing as well. I’ve also had the same experience of shifting from Delta to Theta trading. I’ve not lost my delta instinct. After cash flowing for a while, I am re-developing delta strategies for myself now. At the same time my whole environment has been continuous improving. The haters now want to give me money and I kept rejecting…funny how Karma changes so quickly.

  2. JenniePhen JenniePhen says:

    Hi Pearl, thank you for sharing your experience. I have gone thru that many times and I still look forward to walk on my path of change, rest, change, rest, change…A plant in the pot wants to have a new pot to grow but it can’t . It needs someone to do that. When I change the pot, the plant will go thru a shock but then it will grow bigger. It is a normal process of growing to a new levels. Our love ones are comfortable and they do not want to change that hence they do not grow. They all wants to grow and get better inside their head, but what they do prevent them to get there. They do not want you to get out of your comfort and they don’t know how you were at your old job. They do not know since they are not in your shoes! As a flowering plant, you choose to change the pot yourself not depending on someone else to do that, and you will grow stronger and more beautiful. You can do the “impossible” since you are “crazy” enough to see the possible. I am glad to be your friend in the journey. PTTF (Pearl The Theta Finder) Binh

  3. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

    Dear Binh,

    I’m so blessed to be surrounded by like minded friends in Seattle. We are very lucky to have you and I really enjoy your simple wisdom and humor in life, wealth and everything! We need to have a nickname for you and your covered call style. That was awesome the way you trade covered call. So cool!

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