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Friday Feature: Slow Down Your Life to Speed Up Your Wealth

March 22, 2019

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Tackle Trading: Slow Down Your Life to Speed Up Your Wealth

We are so hardwired to think we must work hard, produce a lot of activities and act like we are so knowledgeable about the financial market to gain wealth. I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong we are.

Pearl Li —

In today’s world, we pride ourselves on how busy we can get as if we are really enjoying it. The effect is quite the opposite, as stress can literally kill. Many of us are so busy, it wears down our immune system, generates anxiety and we often lose focus with deteriorated learning abilities. 

When it comes to trading/investing, stress is a potent killer of your portfolio. Many of us will over-trade to only produce devastating losses in the end. It’s like a sinking ship going down with a fury of activities. We are so hardwired to think we must work hard, produce a lot of activities and act like we are so knowledgeable about the financial market to gain wealth. I can’t even begin to tell you how WRONG WE ALL ARE.

A few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to meet a fellow Tackle Trading Pro member in the greater Seattle region, who joined the program the same year that I did and had the same amount of capital as me to start her financial freedom journey. We also trade similar styles with Theta strategies, except her net worth has now multiplied over 1 Million USD. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to ask her what she did with her trading. The answer will shock you as it has shocked me for life to rethink about how to slow down and simplify with EVERYTHING. She told me she only trade the Russel 2000 Index (RUT) by doing what the Tackle Trading coaches teach at the Cash Flow Condors MasterMind Group.

That’s it…it’s that SIMPLE! She did NOTHING ELSE. She never deviated from the rules and the system. She never progressed with other strategies. There is no need for her to scan thousands of charts, filter hundreds of indicators and stare at the computer all day.

Tackle Trading: Slow Down Your Life to Speed Up Your Wealth

In fact, she did none of that and she doesn’t need to. She trusted the system so completely, it gave her 29/30 months of consecutive wins. In 3 years, she became a millionaire. The October 2018 volatility period did nothing to her because the system still held. The only month that she produced a loss was because she didn’t check her portfolio for some time while traveling and it was the markets at an all-time high in July that had her Iron Condors fail for that month. On average, she devotes 2 mins/day checking on this system. That’s it!

For those over trading, over-analyzing, and over-ambitious financial market junkies (I’m speaking about myself mostly), who are over the top with your busyness, why are you still NOT making it? Did you slow down to speed up your wealth or are you still wired like the 99% out there?

I hope this article will awaken your inner wisdom to believe the system, to embrace the system and to trust the system!

Tackle Trading: Pearl Li.

The Theta Finder. In the Making. Pearl previously has been a product management professional for more than 10 years working at well-known companies such as Amazon and Nielsen Company. She took the leap in 2016 with Elite Legacy Education to learn about building long term wealth through financial market trading/investing. In 2018, Pearl happily left her job to pursue investing/trading fulltime producing theta style trading that generates monthly cashflow. She is thrilled to be a voice on the Tackle Trading platform to share her transformation as she goes through various phases of her growing experience.

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10 Replies to “Friday Feature: Slow Down Your Life to Speed Up Your Wealth”

  1. Avatar BryanKemper says:

    Amazing success story for the Cash Flow condor system. Did she talk about her position size progression over the three years?

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      She ran 100 contracts at a time.

      1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

        Built over time. Not initially. Its progressed based on her psychological steadiness and also the event spread of each position sizing as her account grew.

  2. WilliamThayer WilliamThayer says:

    I love the message of slowing down, having balance, and still being able to be successful. Thank you for sharing this, Pearl!

  3. CalebGriffin CalebGriffin says:

    wow, that is amazing. So, how many condors at this point is she running, being that that is her only strategy?

    1. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

      She’s running hundreds of contracts at a time, but each batch is the same position size and selecting different time horizon for expiration. Its a system of time allocation.

  4. EmilyBridger EmilyBridger says:

    Great article. Thank you for sharing and reminding us!

  5. EmilyBridger EmilyBridger says:

    Hi Pearl,

    Question for you about this trader and you…how do you make sure you’re “well invested” in order to make a % of your total account, with trading only one asset and strategy, such as the RUT Iron Condor, without over position sizing?
    In this case, weren’t all her “eggs in one basket”?

    Thank you, Emily

  6. pearl.b.li pearl.b.li says:

    We both do iron condors allocations over time. So we would allocate same position size over the next 30-60 days. That way you are evenly balanced on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly expirations…etc. Strikes will be different for each set and every set takes on their own characteristics

  7. Avatar EllenHodgson says:

    I love this advice about working smarter not harder!

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