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Tackle Theta Research

January 10, 2017

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Options 101 Video: Tackle Theta Research

The spreadsheet at the bottom of this post is something you can download and use directly on your computer.  It’s a tool we’ve created, from years of experience, to make your life as a trader simpler, and more productive with your research.

Researching Covered Calls is what we do in this video, but we also have Short Puts, Spreads, Iron Condors and Calendar Spreads in the spreadsheet.

Once you find some stocks, using a watch list, a scan or something along those lines, you’ll then load the spreadsheet, and simply fill out the information to get better metrics on whether you have a good trading opportunity for cash flow or not.

Post any comments in the section below, and as always, get in the clubhouse and network with your fellow traders!


Download (XLSX, 73KB)

5 Replies to “Tackle Theta Research”

  1. AndrewRauma says:

    Loved it!!!


    Thanks Tim. Look forward to the new Tackle25s.

  3. DOUGRABE says:

    too cool! Thanks.


    I needed it too. Thanks for the download. Is this the latest version as of 02/21/17? Is this v2 or a later version?

  5. ToddCurrier says:

    Thanks Tim – the video and spreadsheet are eye-openers for me. The cash flow prospects are much clearer even with lower volatility, positive dividend yld equities. Light bulb moment.

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